#MidWeekTease – You Owe Me #DarkRomance


Hellooo teasers! We’ve made it half way through the week and the weekend is nearly here, honest… Anyway, this is where I show you a little of what I’ve been working on lately which is my new, dark psychological thriller ‘Beautiful Tears.’ Brace yourself…!


Beautiful Tears

“Do you want to know how many times I’ve been jumped, Harper? How many times the bastards held me down, ripped my jumpsuit off and assaulted me? Or would you prefer to hear about when they tried to hurt me? Even though we’re not allowed weapons in prison, that doesn’t stop inmates creating some of their own. Razor blades, toothbrushes, rusted steel from a bunk bed – anything they could get their hands on is sharpened and filed. When they weren’t stabbing me, they entertained themselves by trying to strangle me. I’ve even been held down and fucking tattooed against my will. Everyone loves a pretty boy on the inside. It kinda helped that I was the rich kid without a clue. That made it far more entertaining for them. They even made a bet between themselves who would be the first to make me scream. Nice guys, huh?”

“You want to me to put you through all that? I don’t think so. I guarantee you’ll have an easier time of it on the inside, and you’ll probably get less time than I did. All you have to do is flutter those eyelashes and shed a tear or two. Make up some cock and bull story as to why you did it. That’s the easy way out, Harper. A nice detective, some quiet time all by yourself, and a clean conscience to boot. You owe me that, Harper. You owe me.” The words were bitten off violently, and his sapphire eyes were nearly black. In this mood he terrified me, and the list of things he’d just threatened to do to me made my blood run cold. Was this what prison had done to him? Was this what I had done to him? Guilt ate at me. For some reason, I thought he would have had a fairly easy time in prison. His parents would have given him the best possible legal defence money could buy, and he would have spent most of his sentence in a low security prison. What he was saying didn’t match up with what I was hearing. It sounded like they had thrown the book at him and then made an example of him. He’d just told me he’d been raped, and not once but several times. Oh my God. How was I going to live with myself now? Blinking just once, my mind lost in complete horror, a single tear tracked down my cheek.

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