#SatSpanks – My first snippet of The Velvet Caress! #EroticRomance

Saturday Spankings

Hello Spankos and welcome to the weekend. As ‘The Velvet Caress’ has just been released I’m going to give you a snippet from Mark and Jenny’s continuing adventure. Happy Weekend!!

The Velvet Caress

‘Wake up, Mr Matthews. It’s nurse Johnson. I wouldn’t disturb you unless it was important, but I’m afraid that it is.’

My eyes blinked open. I sucked in a great big ball of air and found nurse Johnson directly in front of my face. The hospital. I was at the hospital. Jennifer wasn’t dead, was she? Oh God, please tell me Jennifer isn’t dead.

I scrambled upright, shooting up from my chair, and I nearly head-butted the nurse in the process.

‘Is she okay? Do you have any news?’ My hands were shaking as I gripped hers. My eyes begged her not to say the words I was dreading.

‘She’s hanging on, Mr Matthews, but just barely. The private toxicologists you employed work far quicker than our laboratory associates. The information we needed was delivered back to us much sooner than we expected, which gives your wife a fighting chance. I don’t want you to get your hopes up, because she’s not out of the woods yet, but the doctors are doing everything they can to save her.


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One thought on “#SatSpanks – My first snippet of The Velvet Caress! #EroticRomance

  1. Phew! You had me worried there for a while and I was all prepared to get pissed with you for killing Jenny. You’re on reprieve, but I still think she and Mark are going to have a rocky journey ahead. He’s got some serious sucking up to do before she’ll ever forgive him. The problem is, even if she forgives me, it’s going to take a while for her to trust again.

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