#MasturbationMonday – Petal The Pony Girl #BDSM

Hello all of you MOAN DAY fans. It’s time for sexy naughtiness and as we’re a caring sharing bunch… here’s a little something I wrote earlier 😉 A ROUGH RIDE “Can you get me out of this mess?” Her voice was stained with salty tears and mucus, but the vehemence behind it was enough for […]

#MidWeekTease – Do You Want An Orgasm? #BDSM

Hello Teasers, I’m back this week with another snippet from my WIP SPARKS. Hope you’re having a great week so far! Sparks “Do you want an orgasm, Lois?” That wiped the fake smile off my face instantly, and even if it hadn’t, two of his fingers sliding deep inside me would have done the trick. […]

#SatSpanks – A Session In The Naughty Room :O #BDSM NSFW

Hello Spankos! Grab a cup of coffee, snuggle under the duvet and get ready for some spankingly good naughtiness! The Velvet Chair “You have just earned yourself a session in my naughty room, pumpkin,” I whispered in her ear. “You’ll be entertained to know that I had it remodeled especially for you.” I felt her […]

Why We’re Embracing The Darkness With #50Shades

By Christina Mandara writing for MARQUIS MAGAZINE The trailer for Fifty Shades Darker sees Anastasia Steele taking off her panties in a swanky restaurant, whilst Grey casually sips a glass of champagne. Pulse rates are going to be pounding in cinemas across the country and they’d better roll out the plastic covers for those seats. […]

#SatSpanks – Is Your Spanking Hand Primed? #BDSM

Hello Spankos and welcome to the naughty weekend world of… well… spanking! So without further ado, grab your paddles and settle down for the ride 😉 A Rough Ride “Have all the grooms got their spanking hands ready and primed?” Kyle was wearing a sickening grin as he faced them all and his wide-legged stance […]

#SatSpanks – Put Your Ho Ho Ho’s On in time for #Christmas!

Hello Spankos and welcome to CHRISTMAS EVE! I hope you’ve got a glass of something suitable in order to celebrate and just to show that I am feeling a little festive myself, here’s something Christmassy… Melting “I would fling you down upon it, but it wouldn’t make for a very friendly landing,” he said, as […]

#MasturbationMonday – Last Chance to Buy DIRTY DOMS the boxset!! #BDSM

Hello Moan Day Peeps!! Today I’m giving you a last little snippet of James and Lois, before the boxset is withdrawn from the market. There may be good news on the horizon, though. I’m considering turning ELECTRIC into a full blown novel, so watch this space 😉 Electric “Okay, now that I have your attention, […]

#SatSpanks -Revenge #BDSM & Bondage

Howdy Spankos! I’m getting excited. Now doing my second read through of The Velvet Chair and we’ll hopefully get this baby published soon. To celebrate, I’m giving you a little snippet near the end of ‘The Ties That Bind.’ Have fun and keep….. SPANKING! The Ties That Bind “Remember I have this on tape, Matthews,” […]

#SatSpanks – A Retrograde Ejaculation? #BDSM

Hello Spankos and welcome to the weekend – WooHOo! Only a couple more weeks till Christmas, but if last minute shopping has you frazzled… grab yourself a cuppa and take five 😉 The Ties That Bind “I’m going to have your little pony-girl suck you off every half hour until you nearly shoot your load, […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell #BDSM

Howdy Wipsters! Yes, we’re still with The Velvet Chair, no I still haven’t finished it, and yes I know Christmas is coming. On that note, here’s an early present… WARNING contains naughtiness! 🙂 ———- Jennifer —————- The Velvet Chair “Ladies and gentlemen,” the commentator cooed almost immediately, ‘we are set to continue the challenge as both […]