Christina’s Favourite Item Of Fetish Wear (So Far This Week…) #BDSM #Fetish #sensual

Basque, stockings and suspenders… ‘the age old ‘classically sexy.’ The whip and the gloves say it all though… she’s up to naughtiness 😉 For those of you that wanted something a little more… fetishy… how about this: ** Images are not my own and are sourced from Pinterest **  

Christina’s Favourite Item of FetishWear (So Far This Week…) #fetish #Kink

This little number comes courtesy of the, and if you’re searching for a little something naughty this weekend… free free to have a browse. I just did! I can’t help wondering how much talc that took to get on and if any contortionist moves were required. What do you think? 😉 Take me there…

Which BDSM Injury Horror Story Would You Rather… #Quiz #Fetish

Original article by Anthony Rivas of Buzzfeed A while back, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their BDSM sex experiences that went hilariously wrong. They were all so good that we decided to turn them into a “would you rather” game. Get your safe word ready. The solo caning incident: “I’ve been […]

BDSM Forced Fitness Fetish – January Resolution Anyone? #BDSM #Fetish

Now isn’t this a great way to start your New Year? Seriously, do your exercises or be spanked… hmm wait… how about do your exercises and then you might get spanked? Which camp are you in? 😉  

What’s The Difference? Latex Vs PVC with Jess Wilde #BDSM #FETISH

What’s the difference between latex and PVC? What about wet look? Or datex? In this vlog I take you through the main differences between these 4 fetish materials to help you make the best choice for your erotic adventures. Christina: Latex has my vote. There’s just something…. mmmm… about it 😉

The Velvet Caress – 1st Chapter Preview! ** Releasing Shortly ** #BDSM

Okay, so this is a bit more than my usual eight sentences or so, but I thought it was a nice play to say that ‘The Velvet Caress’ is almost ready for release! It’s now with Chimera Books and as soon as I have a date, you’ll be the first to know. Hope you enjoy […]