Christina’s Favourite Item of Fetish Wear (So Far This Week…) #Fetishwear #Bondage #Boots

They’re beasts aren’t they? You wouldn’t want to walk very far in them, that’s for sure. I love the bright colour, though. With black and red you just can’t go wrong. Finally – a pair of boots that will look absolutely awesome in bed. Found on

Christina’s Favourite Item of Fetish Wear (So Far This Week…) #BDSM #Fetish

It’s a cheeky little number, isn’t it? But who wouldn’t want a little black kitty in their life? 😉 Details: Made from a smooth, soft fabric that feels just like gorgeous leather, this dramatic half hood will give you that frisky feline look. If your fantasy is Catwoman with a naughty twist then this is […]

Christina’s Favourite Item of Fetishwear (So Far This Week ;) ) #BDSM #Fetish

She looks like she should be in tomb raider. I wonder if she can ride a motorcycle? 😉 This particular item of fetishwear was found on AliExpress and if you have a couple of hours to spare, they have A LOT of fetish wear on offer. Happy browsing!

Christina’s Favourite Item of Fetish Wear (So Far This Week…) #BDSM #Fetish

Wet-look footless stockings from Uber Kinky. Aren’t they lovely? Wide lace top wet look stockings finish off a gorgeous fetish look Silicone bands inside the lace tops help hold your stockings firmly in place Footless design so you can enjoy your favourite peep-toe shoes or strapy heel They’re available from UberKinky in the UK, but […]

Montreal Fetish Weekend – Aug 30th – Sep 4th #Montreal #Fetish

Original Article by Haley Norman writing for Marquis Magazine Every year in Le Village Gai (The Gay Village) of Montreal, is a celebration of fetish pride. This year, Montreal Fetish Weekend is upon its 13th annual event running a grand total of 6 kinky days and nights. Now that’s what we like to call a […]

Christina’s Favourite Item of Fetish Wear (So Far This Week…) #BDSM #Fetish

I’m still on the latex theme. I think it’s because I’m writing about Sophia dominating Mark at the moment. Latex… dribble. It’s figure hugging, smooth, comes in all sorts of different colours, and it’s shiny. What’s not to like? Apologies but I have no idea where these outfits come from, other than that they were […]

Christina’s Favourite Item Of Fetish Wear (So Far This Week…) #Fetishwear #BDSM

Aren’t they lovely? Some red latex gloves featured in the Velvet Caress chapter I was writing this week. Along with lots more latex. Yum. Apologies but I can’t seem to find where this photo originated other than pinterest, but I am sure that latex gloves can’t be too hard to find on the internet. Hang […]