Christina’s Favourite Item Of Fetish Wear (So Far This Week…) #BDSM #Fetish #sensual

Basque, stockings and suspenders… ‘the age old ‘classically sexy.’ The whip and the gloves say it all though… she’s up to naughtiness ๐Ÿ˜‰ For those of you that wanted something a little more… fetishy… how about this: ** Images are not my own and are sourced from Pinterest **  

Christina’s Favourite Item of FetishWear (So Far This Week…) #fetish #Kink

This little number comes courtesy of the, and if you’re searching for a little something naughty this weekend… free free to have a browse. I just did! I can’t help wondering how much talc that took to get on and if any contortionist moves were required. What do you think? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Take me there…

What’s The Difference? Latex Vs PVC with Jess Wilde #BDSM #FETISH

What’s the difference between latex and PVC? What about wet look? Or datex? In this vlog I take you through the main differences between these 4 fetish materials to help you make the best choice for your erotic adventures. Christina: Latex has my vote. There’s just something…. mmmm… about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Merry Christmas From The Chateau! #HappyChristmas #Sexy

It’s Christmas Eve and the kittens are playing. Couldn’t resist? Don’t they look pretty? Now we just need to find a Christian Grey and pop him in there for them. Wherever you are in the world – I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! Christina xx

Christina’s Favourite Item of Fetish Wear (So Far This Week…) #Fetishwear #Bondage #Boots

They’re beasts aren’t they? You wouldn’t want to walk very far in them, that’s for sure. I love the bright colour, though. With black and red you just can’t go wrong. Finally – a pair of boots that will look absolutely awesome in bed. Found on