#SatSpanks – Make Her Come At Least Twice – #BDSM & Bondage NSFW

Hello Spankos! Did everyone have a great Christmas? Have you managed to get rid of all the rellies yet? If yes, breathe a sigh of relief and get out the flogger. If no, grit your teeth and read naughtiness on your eReader. It’s better than going absolutely bonkers – honest! The Ties That Bind Mark […]

The Grapefruit BlowJob Technique – #Food & #Sex

So, this has my vote. We’re using tasty, healthy food (okay, there’s some squirty cream in there too, but everyone needs a little treat now and again, right?) that makes awesome sounds and tastes so good! I’m all for blowjobs that taste like grapefruit and making lots of mess. This is good clean (okay, messy) […]