Debunking All Those #Masturbation Myths – #Sex and Relationships

You’ll go blind, you’ll get hairs on the back of your hands, you’ll become infertile… all these and more are about to be shamed for the complete lies that they represent. A little bit of self-loving never did anyone any harm – and let’s face it – some days you just need to improve your […]

#MidWeekTease – #Masturbation! BDSM NSFW

Howdy Teasers! We’re lean, mean, teasing machines over at the MidWeekTease… and this week I’m showing you another snippet from my WIP ‘Sparks.’ Sparks James looked either side of me, as if searching for available objects that I might throw at him, and satisfied there was nothing that posed a threat, he said, “I need […]