#SatSpanks – He’s Coming For Her #BDSM

Hello Spankos! I’m back at home, back into the swing of things, and just about figuring out how to wake up at 6.30am once again. Bleurgh. For all of you enjoying a lie in this morning, this naughty little number is for you 😉 The Riding School Jenny tried to make as much noise as […]

#50Shades Of Hay! #BDSM & PonyPlay

Original Article by Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine Pony Play, also known as animalism or pet play, is a BDSM animal role-play. There are many forms of animal role-play – cats, dogs and pigs to name but a few, but one of the most popular pet play fetishes is pony play. What is pony […]

#SatSpanks – Showing a FIRM hand #BDSM

Hello Spankos! For those of you that aren’t rushing about Christmas shopping… urghh… and for those that are, here’s a little naughtiness to brighten your day. Stay warm, drink lots of coffee, and add sprinklings of alcohol where necessary 😉 The Riding School “Come in,” both ladies chorused together. A male head popped itself around […]

#MasturbationMonday – AutoErotic Asphyxiation #AEA

Hello all of you people who hate Mondays and enjoy… moaning? Anyway, without further ado, here’s this week’s snippet 😉 Learning The Ropes Jenny couldn’t fight him, she could barely inhale. The attack by his fingers was merciless. They flowed from pussy to clit and dipped and dived with wicked precision, one moment gently caressing, […]

#SatSpanks – PonyGirl Training #BDSM

Hello spankos – it’s the weekend! And you know what that means, right? It’s time for spankings of course! If spankings are unavailable, feel free to read the general naughtiness below 😉 A Rough Ride Watching as the pedals stopped turning of their own accord, he noticed his pony’s body shook as she took up the […]

#MasturbationMonday – Learning How To Beg – PonyPlay & #BDSM

Hello again and a bit shout out for MOAN DAY! Here’s a little sexy naughtiness to brighten up any old Monday 😉 A Rough Ride “I don’t think she knows how to beg, Domingo,” said Amand, who began running his shaft teasingly along her upper lip. A drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip and […]

#MasturbationMonday – There’s no point saying I’m not going to hurt you, because believe me I am #BDSM

It’s two years old! That’s right – Masturbation Monday is having it’s second birthday – awww. A round of applause for the lovely Kayla Lords for thinking up such a great idea. Learning The Ropes Looking around, she had to wonder why it had been called ‘The Red Room.’ The paint was a boring shade of […]

#SatSpanks – Working Him Over – #Blowjob! BDSM NSFW

Hello Spankos and YeeHAH! Yep – it’s the weekend and you’ve successfully made it through another week. Give yourself a pat on the back and settle down to read some naughtiness 😉 What else? Named and Shamed Marianne’s jaw worked him over and over. It had been a long time since it had been filled […]

#SatSpanks – How Much For A Sex Slave? Twenty Million?

  Hello Spankos! And HOORAY! It’s the weekend. As it’s a holiday weekend here in the UK, you’re snippet is a wee bit longer than usual 😉 Somebody will have to spank me… *Sticks bottom out* The Ties That Bind “You do the stupid act very well, don’t you? Socialite bimbo without a care in […]

#MasturbationMonday – Strung Up For Your Pleasure – Experimental #Bondage NSFW!

Hello and welcome to Moan Day peeps! It’s the start of a new week… which means extra naughty naughtiness is needed to cheer us all up. So, we’re back with the pony girls. Where else? The Ties That Bind Will Mark Matthews accept Redcliff’s terms for his daughter’s release, surrendering both body and mind to […]