#SatSpanks – Make Her Come At Least Twice – #BDSM & Bondage NSFW

Hello Spankos! Did everyone have a great Christmas? Have you managed to get rid of all the rellies yet? If yes, breathe a sigh of relief and get out the flogger. If no, grit your teeth and read naughtiness on your eReader. It’s better than going absolutely bonkers – honest! The Ties That Bind Mark […]

#BDSM Punishment Types – Reflective, Humiliation and Discomfort

Punishment, Humiliation or Discomfort… which one is the worst in your book? I think I’ll go for reflective punishments, bar the being sent to bed early one… I think I might quite enjoy that on occasion 🙂 Oh and one more thing? How can being dressed up in restrictive clothing be a punishment? Who doesn’t […]