BDSM Quiz Time – Just How Much Do You Know? #BDSM #Kink & Fetish

BuzzFeed are at it again. They’ve developed a cheeky little quiz to see if you know your safe words from your switches. I managed to get 10/11 – mostly because I didn’t read all the answers first. That’s the story of my life by the way – far too impatient to do anything properly 😉 […]

Which BDSM Injury Horror Story Would You Rather… #Quiz #Fetish

Original article by Anthony Rivas of Buzzfeed A while back, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their BDSM sex experiences that went hilariously wrong. They were all so good that we decided to turn them into a “would you rather” game. Get your safe word ready. The solo caning incident: “I’ve been […]

Design your own BDSM ‘Red Room of Pain’ and we’ll tell you how KINKY you are! #BDSM

  This is a Buzz Feed Quiz but it’s lot of fun, so I thought I’d share it. You came into a lot of money recently and bought a new house. It just so happens that this house has a basement and you’ve decided to turn it into your own little BDSM sex room. Christian […]