Sex – You Need To Do It More Often! #Benefits of #sex

Original article by Sheri Stritof writing for About Relationships When it comes to frequency of sex, the old adage of “just do it” is backed up by science. More and more studies show increased emotional and physical benefits from frequent safe sex. Did you know that sex can ease your headache? According to therapist, Michele […]

How Much Sex Do We Need in a Normal Relationship? #sex #relationships

Co-Author: Dr. Barbara Winter Original article from This article focuses on what’s a normal amount of sex for the average couple to have – but what is normal when it’s at home? I’m running the poll below to see just how many of us are having normal amounts of sex, and whether this article […]

Telidildonics – The future of #sex

Co-written and -researched with our go-to psychologist, Dr. AlanK: You are here and your sweetheart is there…either across a crowded room or across a continent. What to do? When your partner was close, you’d have to get up, go over, reach out and touch them; when they were far away, you’d have to email, sext […]

Who enjoys SEX more? Men or Women. The answer might surprise you! #sex #relationships

Original article by Tracey Cox courtesy of the DailyMail. If you were reincarnated and wanted to have great sex, would you come back as a man or a woman? The answer to that depends very much on who is answering the question. The assumption is that men have a better time of it and it’s […]

* Sex – Here Are 5 Signs That You’re Doing It Right * #sex and #relationships

Original article by Sophie Gallagher of the Huffington Post Ever had sex and came away wondering what sort of impression you made between the sheets? A few days ago Redditors were kind enough to enlighten us all with some of their suggestions about what makes you a real sex god. Lots of news publications covered […]

#Men are LESS LIKELY to use CONDOMS with attractive women #Sex Issues

A new study published in BMJ Open, tells us men are less likely to wear condoms with attractive women.  OMG! That can’t be right. Surely the fact that he doesn’t want his offspring, child alimony demands and, oh I don’t know, maybe a few STD’s is the reason he wears a condom? Apparently not. You’ve got to wonder […]

Why is ANGRY SEX so much FUN? #Sex #Relationships

This article is by Vanessa De Largie who regularly writes for the Huffington Post Angry sex is often referred to as ‘make-up sex.’ It’s lustful, it’s primal, and it’s forceful. It usually takes place after a heated argument or a tiff. It’s when anger is siphoned through a good, hard fuck. In a climate of feminist […]

#Naked Dating Show Set To Take the UK by Storm! #Entertainment

Original Article by Natasha Hinde of the Huffington Post Online dating can be a minefield. You look at people’s photos, at the clothes they wear, the cars they drive and you make snap judgements about whether or not you want to get to know them. But what happens when you strip all of that “stuff” […]

Hi Tech Sex is KILLING MONOGAMY – True or False? #Sex, #Relationships

This article brought to you courtesy of the Huffington Post – by Sam Lewis-Hargreave Sexting, texting, websites and webcams. These words have become integral to the modern lover’s lexicon (and I’m not talking about The Modern Lovers‘ vocalist Jonathan Richman; when he penned a song about dancing in the lesbian bar, he probably didn’t picture […]