#Friday #Fun – Award Winning Animation Short

This video has a distinct ‘WALLE’ feel, doesn’t it? Anyone wondered if there are habitable planets out there? Our universe is so big there’s supposed to be one habitable planet for every single grain of sand on earth. Mind-blowing, right? And the universe is constantly expanding and changing… All fascinating stuff, right?

And Time for Something Utterly Bizarre… See if You Can Guess Who The Prince Is Modelled On? ;)

Yes, it’s Friday again and as of late I’ve tended to post these little animated shorts. This one might make you giggle – but I warn you it is utterly bizarre! 😉 How does Sleeping Betty wake? You’ll just have to wait and see…

Merry Christmas From The Chateau! #HappyChristmas #Sexy

It’s Christmas Eve and the kittens are playing. Couldn’t resist? Don’t they look pretty? Now we just need to find a Christian Grey and pop him in there for them. Wherever you are in the world – I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! Christina xx