#SatSpanks – Hot Wax & #BDSM

Saturday Spankings

Howdy Spankos – it’s the weekend and the weather is hotting up. For those of you that like things really steamy… I have just the thing for you!


The Velvet Chair

“Are you ready for the next round, Mrs Matthews?” I didn’t get a response for my troubles, so I simply brought my hand around in front of her and let her get a good glimpse of the candle. “This is what we’re going to play with next, darling. Each time you nearly manage to orgasm, I’m going to find a delicate portion of skin to dribble hot fire upon. It’s going to sting like a bitch, but I’m all for seeing how much of this you can take. With no further introduction, I tilted the candle and a thin dribble of wax ran down her back. She took it like a good girl, with barely a murmur and I was inordinately proud of her for a moment. Then I remembered who she was and why she was here. I got to work.


Want more? Of course you do! Head on over to the SaturdaySpankings Blogspot and read your fill!

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#MidWeekTease – A #Lesbian Interlude


Howdy teasers – it’s that time of the week where I show you what I’m working on, and it’s still Sparks, though the end is in sight. (I think!)



“Elisabeth, do you find Lois attractive?”

Letting out a shocked gasp, I had a dreadful suspicion that I knew where this line of questioning was going. James wouldn’t do that to me, would he? But I think I already knew the answer to that. Oh God, oh God, oh God.

Elizabeth looked at me for a moment, and when I say looked, I mean really looked. When she finally cleared her throat to answer, I prayed for the answer to be ‘no.’ Yes would come with serious consequences, and no would be a blissful relief. What were the chances of my boss finding me attractive, anyway? Infinitesimal, I was sure. It would be wrong on so many levels, and I didn’t want to visit any of them.

“Yes.” The softly spoken word came crashing down in my brain. It set off a few more alarm bells and the headache that had been simmering just above my left eye, suddenly exploded will full force.

“She’s a very beautiful women,” Sharkey added as an afterthought, with a slow smile.

Desperately wanting to place my head in my hands, I just about managed to keep them by my sides.

“You’d noticed, huh?” The sarcasm rolled off James’s tongue, but Sharkey was oblivious to it. She was still staring at me, and it had almost gotten to the stage where I wondered if I had horns. Finally James broke the tension in the room.

“Would you like to kiss her?”

“James!” I bleated. “Unfair! That’s suggestion and you know it.” The man had been deliberately provoking her. Whilst I had no idea what kind of drug he’d given her, she’d better hope it was the one that knocked your memory out dead or she was going to have a very interesting lesbian interlude to add to her already impressive resume.


Head on over to the MidWeekTease Blogspot for lots more naughty snippets!

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How To Wear Latex With Jess Wilde! #BDSM & #Fetish

How to wear latex, with Jess Wilde.

Ever wondered how cosplayers squeeze themselves into that tight rubber? Maybe you’ve tried it yourself without success.

Here, I’ll tell you everything you need to know in order to get in (and out) of your latex with ease.

Plus, I put 2 dressing aids to the test. Talc vs. Silicone. Which will win? Watch to find out!

Introducing The BDSM Play Party #BDSM #Fetish

Legs Of A Mistress

Original Article Written By Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine

You don’t need to be into hard-core BDSM to enjoy yourself at a Play Party. Whilst these are private events, and often hosted from the comfort of someone’s home, they are generally friendly to both beginners and experienced players alike.

As the name suggests, there will be public play, and you can expect to see one or several rooms turned into a dungeon for your viewing pleasure. There may be much more intimate sexual acts than you would expect to experience at a club, and often fewer restrictions are placed on play.

What Do I Wear?

Make sure you’re covered up appropriately before entering the house. If the couple hosting have neighbors or businesses near by, they will expect you to be discreet. You can change into your outfit once inside, or wear it underneath a coat that can easily be removed.

What Should I bring?

Bring your kinky outfit, and a bag of toys if you’re expecting to participate. You may also need to bring some kind of photo ID in order to enter, so make sure you read the rules carefully first. Condoms, cash, and a small bottle of juice or a snack aren’t a bad idea, either.

What Is The Proper Etiquette?

If there’s a scene going on in front of you, you’re welcome to watch it – but from a distance. Don’t crowd around the participants, and whatever you do don’t touch anyone unless you’ve been invited to do so. It should also be noted that you should not touch yourself. It’s a Play Party, not an orgy.

Similarly be respectful and keep quiet whilst the scene is playing out. Pointing, shock, surprise, and overt fascination will be frowned upon. At the end you’ll usually have a chance to voice your thoughts, so try and hold those burning questions in until then.

Public intoxication by either drugs or alcohol isn’t normally allowed. It impairs both judgement and behavior. A glass or two of wine may be fine, but know your limits. There is nothing more embarrassing than being thrown out of a party – especially a really good one.

Remember to speak formally and politely. Introduce yourself to the participants, or wait for introductions, if you prefer. If in doubt, use Sir or Madam.

If you happen to be watching something that is not for you, simply excuse yourself and either move on to another room, or leave quietly.

Will There Be Paperwork?

More often than not, yes. Sex will probably only be allowed in certain places, if at all. There may be documentation you need to sign before you’re allowed to enter the party, stating that you’ve read the rules and agree to abide by them. Sometimes you will be required to attend an induction first, where you will be briefed on what is expected and required of you.

You should note that cell phones and cameras will nearly always be prohibited at these events. One stray picture can ruin lives.

Read Full Article HERE.

Hero Undercover Boxset – Just $0.99! #New Release!!


A HOT Summer Read for only 99 cents!


Hero Undercover

Penned by 25 New York Times, USA Today

and international bestselling authors of Erotic Romance-BDSM



Preorder: June 6, 2017

Release date: June 27, 2017


25 New York Times, USA Today, and award-winning best-selling romance authors offer this sizzling compilation of panty-melting undercover bad boys, from swoon-worthy cowboys and alpha military men to deliciously decadent dominants. This smoking-hot collection features a wide array of stories including dark fantasies, seductive sci-fi, a few smoking hot historical tales, and erotic BDSM, all with the sweet happily-ever-afters you crave!

Hundreds of pages for one unbeatable price. Turn up the AC, lie back, and escape into these brand new, red hot riveting reads.

Authors include: Annabel Joseph, Addison Cain, Renee Rose, Maggie Ryan, Maddie Taylor, Emily Tilton, Trent Evans, Jennifer Bene, Sophie Kisker, Megan Michaels, Katherine Deane, Maggie Carpenter, Jane Henry, Maisy Archer, Alyssa Bailey, Claire Conrad, Stevie MacFarlane, Piper Stone, Anya Summers, Lucy Wild, BJ Wane, A.C. Rose, April Hill, Amelia Smarts, Meredith O’Reilly

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072QDCS83

                                                               Barnes and Noble



Individual Blurbs:

A Taste for Red by Piper Stone

Tempers flare when Private Investigator Shanna Jacobs and cowboy detective Cody Walker are forced to work on a wine fraud case, but their hot attraction is undeniable. The case moves into dangerous territory when the key players aren’t what they seem, but if Cody and Shanna can solve the case, will they put their pride aside and let their passion take hold?

Justice, Roughly by Amelia Smarts

An undercover deputy must decide where his loyalties lie—with the law or with the beautiful criminal who rescues him.

The Strategy of Love by Alyssa Bailey

Part time photographic Journalist and benevolent worker Kayla Rhea was not haunted by the memory of her kidnappers but of her rescuer and his admonition. Ex-Army Major Hunter Barrett, settled in his civilian life, is now on a mission to claim the woman of his dreams or purge her from his life forever.

The Arms I Run To by Stevie MacFarlane

Can a woman be too smart for her own good? Apparently, for when Joy Bradley takes a position she’s overqualified for, she soon finds herself up to her neck in trouble.

Uncharted Waters by Maisy Archer

An undercover protection detail aboard a luxury cruise ship seems like just the kind of easy, straightforward assignment Lucas needs … Until he learns that the client he’s tasked with protecting is the one beautiful, headstrong, infuriating woman he’s never been able to get out of his mind.

The Ranger’s Shotgun Bride by Maddie Taylor

Having fallen hard for her father’s hired man, Amelia is crushed when she learns he’s behind a string of stagecoach robberies. When she takes matters into her own hands, and goes after the bandits herself, she learns things aren’t always what they seem.

Here’s a sample by Maddie Taylor:

Unable to believe what he was seeing, Jake stood under the blazing sun, sweat trickling down his back, his mouth dry from the pounds of dust he’d breathed in all day.  He removed his hat, rubbed his forearm across his wet brow, and blinked the sting of salt from his eyes. But the image of a horse running hell bent for leather over the hard-packed open field did not change.  As he stared with rising anger at the cloud of dirt kicking up in its wake, he saw an occasional flash of bright color glimmering in the sun. Although the rider grew smaller with each passing second, he knew it was Amelia’s long golden hair flying out behind her as she took off at full out run in pursuit of the armed bandits.

“Damn fool woman!” he bit out as he turned on his booted heel and stalked to where the other horses were tied.  When he got hold of her, she wouldn’t sit comfortably for a week.  First, for hiding out in that closed up death trap for hours, risking her neck in a rollover or succumbing to heat exhaustion.  Second, for interfering where her cute little calico covered ass didn’t belong.  Third, for being foolish enough to even think about confronting the Viejo gang who kept sliding across the Rio Grande to harass the locals at gun point as they lined their pockets with hard-earned Texas gold. Fourth, for endangering the investigation he had painstakingly been piecing together for the past six months.  He could go on all day, certainly, with a laundry list of her infractions, but not the least of them was she’d stolen Arrow, his own fucking horse! 

His wrath was immeasurable.  Wisely, his men gave him a wide berth, not commenting on his grumbling and cursing as he loosened the reins on one of the other men’s horses.  “Little Miss Amelia is about to learn a lesson on her proper role in this company, which includes staying safe at home, while leaving dangerous work to the men—something her daddy should have taught her years ago, over his knee.”  He stopped his vociferous rant before silently adding, if she’s spoiled my chances of closing this case, boss’s daughter or not, she’ll be over my lap for a good long time, too.

As he mounted, he ground out his orders to Will Simpkins, “Change the wheel as fast as you can, then head out.  Although the cash is gone, we’ve still got the post to deliver and a contract to fulfill.  I’ll catch up with you once I corral myself a towheaded brat.”

“Uh, Jake,” Will began hesitantly.  “Don’t forget its Amelia. Banks won’t take kindly to her being, uh… lessoned, I’m betting.”

“Gerard Banks isn’t here.  Further, this is Texas, where frontier justice prevails.  As foreman of this line, I’m claiming authority over a misbehaving, horse thieving, stowaway.  He can fire me later if he wants, but no father worthy of the name would disagree with the tanning the reckless little minx has coming, especially after saving her from a gang of cutthroats who won’t have afternoon tea in mind if she chases them down. He’ll be thanking me for protecting her butt and returning it safe and sound, despite it being thoroughly spanked.” The last bit he shot back while setting spurs to his unfamiliar mount.

“Careful,” Benson called after him. “Midnight there, tends to bite.” 

Good-natured Mike Benson didn’t seem to care he’d commandeered his horse, not that he had a choice since Jake had already left the busted stage and his men in the dust. 

If Midnight had the slightest bit of animal instinct whatsoever, he wouldn’t dare give his rider any trouble, let alone sink his teeth into any part of him.  In his current foul mood, he was liable to bite back.

Revenge Served Hot by Sophie Kisker

My name is Livvi, and for the next thirteen months I’ll be on my knees, paying off my father’s debts, owned by a man who seeks to destroy me. My life looks painfully short, until a man with a dark past offers to rescue me – but only at a price I’m terrified to pay.

The Mercenary’s Girl by Emily Tilton

CIA operative Jack Regensburg would have had enough trouble taking down mercenary kingpin Sir Jeffrey Young even if he hadn’t fallen helplessly in love with one of Sir Jeffrey’s captive girls, the lovely young Tess Roberts. When Sir Jeffrey decides that Jack, undercover as a bodyguard, must punish Tess in a new and extremely humiliating way, Jack must act, but will he be able to save Tess from Sir Jeffrey’s fury without putting his cover, and the crucial operation, at grave risk?

Cherry on Top by Katherine Deane

What do you get when you combine a sassy, curvy baker, her overprotective brother, his hot Army best friend, a crazy stalker, sexual chemistry hot enough to bake a chocolate cake, and nuns? The kinky spankings Cherry has always desired, a bit of Daddy talk Jacob loves, and a recipe ending with a Happily Ever After—and a Cherry on Top.

Saving Sarah by BJ Wane

When Sarah Thompson goes husband hunting at a local night club, she attracts the attention of a serial GHB rapist. Police Chief Travis Nolan intends to be the man in Sarah’s bed and won’t let anything stand in his way, including Sarah’s stubborn tenacity.

The Honey Trap by Lucy Wild

Nate – I went undercover to get the place shut down. Not to fall for her…

Kathryn – It was just a job. Until he arrived.

The Scarlet Stiletto by Maggie Carpenter

1940’s Murder Mystery.

A frantic but beautiful woman bursts into the office of a roguishly handsome detective and begs him for help, claiming she found her red stiletto at the scene of her husband’s murder. The sexy seductive siren with kiss-me-now lips is hard to resist, but he quickly discovers there are gaping holes in her story.

The Russian by Renee Rose

Yuri – I don’t care if I get whacked by the mob or fired from the FBI. I can’t stay away from her. And there’s no way I’m letting her get hurt. Hell, if any of them touch her, I’ll blow my cover in a second.

A Thief for the Duke by Megan Michaels

Rescuing a thieving beauty from the prospect of prison, the Duke of Norfolk has taken on the role of Headmaster for a School for Wayward Women under the guise of reforming the waif into a lady of society. Will it be she who is reformed, or will it be he who is changed in the process?

Tamara’s Choice by Trent Evans

Assigned to infiltrate the shadowy Dominion Trust, a vice cop on deep cover visits the lurid, penitential installation known as The Farm.

But to rescue one of the beautiful inmates from her sentence of sexual slavery, he must save something else first — himself.

Detective Hercules by A.C. Rose

Detective Hercules Andrews and drive time radio dating expert Lizzy Harper bond over their respective injuries. When she reveals details about the super hot cop on her show, a New York City controversy of epic proportion ensues and he’s forced to go undercover – as her boyfriend.

Slave for a Day: an Idan and Svali novella by Jane Henry

When Svali’s sister is taken hostage on a foreign planet, Svali and her fierce warrior husband are eager to undertake the rescue mission. Neither Svali nor Idan anticipated their job would mean masquerading as master and slave…. nor how very erotic the venture could be.

Testimony by Maggie Ryan

Vows—hers to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth—his to protect the witness with his very life. But when both are up against pure evil, what will the ultimate price of justice be?

Her Protector by Annabel Joseph

Rowan Park works in a secret, hyper-secure area of the government, defending the homeland from malicious hacking attacks. When a kidnapping attempt threatens her life, she’s forced to seek shelter—and comfort—in an unexpected protector’s arms.

Monster by Jennifer Bene

Cold, ruthless, vicious… I’m Paulo García’s monster, and I’d swallowed that bitter pill whole, learned to deal with it — until Nicky. I know I should try to help her, protect her, but then who will save her from me?

Her Undercover Doms by Anya Summers

Sherry can’t believe her luck, she followed a Dom to the Bahamas only to have him fall for another submissive, and to make matters worse, that same Dom has issued her an ultimatum, either submit to the handsome Doms Patrick and Nick to become a better sub or leave the island. Will the two undercover CIA Agents convince the gorgeous beauty that she is the submissive for them or will their undercover investigation tear them apart?

A Night by my Fire by Addison Cain

The risk River had taken saving a stranger bigger than a linebacker and as grateful as a psychopath put her in a bad position. Someone had left him to die… and good men didn’t get dumped in the cold.

The Officer’s Little Girl by Meredith O’Reilly

Adam is assigned to go undercover at ‘The Little Resort’ and take down the owner who has been selling illegal drugs. He gets partnered to be Chloe’s Daddy and ends up falling head over heels in love for his little girl.

Pandora and the Pool Guy by April Hill

Forced to enter the Witness Protection Program, Pandora finds a mutual attraction with the pool guy. But is he really just the handyman next door?

In Too Deep by Claire Conrad

One chance encounter is all it takes for hard-ass undercover agent Jace Montgomery to fall in love. When the woman who stole his heart is taken hostage, he’ll destroy anything and everything in his way to save her.


#SatSpanks – Naked At Your Own Wedding? #BDSM

Saturday Spankings

Hello Spankos! We’re still spankingly naughty here in these parts… and here is a little something from The Velvet Chair 😉


The Velvet Chair

“Don’t temp me, young lady. If you’d like the privilege of being allowed to wear clothes to your wedding reception, I suggest you listen up, and you listen up good.”

It was my turn to open my mouth wide and I hissed out a breath. “You wouldn’t dare,” I barked.

Mark pushed down a mountain of white tulle until his face was visible above it and raised his eyebrows. His look was calculating and the fire that I had become very familiar with shone in his eyes. “Go on, I dare you to dare me,” he said.

If possible, my mouth opened wider. “What am I, three?” I barked out.

“We can do that too, if you like, but it’s better to keep that one private, so we’ll save it until after the wedding reception is over.”

I pretended not to hear that. “You are not getting a blow job.” I crossed my arms over my chest and glanced at him mutinously. I had no doubt he’d have me wrapped around his little finger in no time as soon as we got back to his apartment, but this was my wedding day and he could damn well play by my rules until it was over.


Head on over to the Saturday Spanking BlogSpot for lots more sizzling hot reading material!

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Simon’s Cat Demonstrates The Meaning of Love! #Friday #Funny

It’s not all BDSM and bondage over at Christina Mandara 😉  Happy Friday!!

Have you ever wondered how a cat shows love? Watch this video to find out 6 tell-tale signs! Featuring the kitten, the cat and tireless owner Simon in a series of adorable vignettes.

‘Simon’s Cat: Guide To Love’

Directed by: Simon Tofield
Concept & Design: Liza Nechaeva
Animation: Michael Cotton-Russell

Producer: Emma Burch
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Production Manager: Rebecca Warner-Perry

Have you visited the official Simon’s Cat website?

Official Website: http://www.simonscat.com