#MasturbationMonday – Throbbing – #BDSM


It’s Moan Day… and that’s got to be the best day of the week. You get an excuse to moan – hurrah! Over here at #MM we tend to do things the dirty way, so brace yourself 😉


The Velvet Chair

“Are you afraid of me, Princess?” His voice also had an unfamiliar rasp to it, so I knew that desire was a two-sided coin. For some reason, I thought he’d fight harder than me to resist its powerful tug.


“Then you’re not completely stupid. Maybe there’s hope for you, yet.” The smug satisfaction in his voice angered me, but I refused to rise to the bait. If I had to walk a tightrope in order to rid myself of those pears, I would.

Feeling his warm breath on my neck as his fingers gripped the zipper of my dress, I stifled another moan. My clit was so swollen between the strands of rope that encased it, it was crying out for relief. Both of my nipples had formed tight peaks beneath the clamps, and I could feel them throbbing cruelly as the thin silk rubbed against them. As he teased my zipper down slowly, Mark’s fingers traced a languorous path, and I felt the painful pull of arousal as it sent a flush of heat racing through me.

The zipper wound down my body like it was fighting its way through a sea of treacle, and to make matters worse, Mark’s hands were now inside my dress. A thousand butterflies took flight inside me as the tide of desire began to flow downwards, and there was no stopping it. There hadn’t been a need for me to wear a bra in my halter-neck dress as it had already been sewn into the bodice. Unfortunately, that gave him free reign to get his hands on me. The zip was forgotten as he weighted, kneaded and caressed me. My head flipped back of its own accord and my eyes glazed over. As his fingers found the twin clamps that Penny and Candace had fitted earlier, I nearly died on the spot.

“I bet they’re tender, aren’t they precious?” A moan was the only answer I was capable of giving.

“And they’ve swelled so prettily. I can’t wait to see and taste them.” He flicked each nub with the point of a fingernail, and I cried out. There was no point even trying to contain the lust inside my body, because it began pouring out of me with each calculated move of his fingertips.

“See? You can’t resist me. You can’t fight this kind of chemistry, Jennifer. You can give in to it, or you can let it drive you crazy, but there is no other choice.”

“I’m not fighting,” I whispered. It was true. I had no energy left to fight. Tomorrow would be a whole new day with a whole new agenda, but now all I wanted to do was give in to the sexual torrent of hormones that surrounded me and let it send me into blissful oblivion.


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#SatSpanks – #Anal Beads & BDSM!

Saturday Spankings

Spankos! Are you sleepy? Have you been up all night, busy with the paddle and are now happily snoozing the day away? Good for you! 😉 When you wake grab a cuppa and take a a sneak at this. Hopefully it’ll help keep you in bed through the weekend. GRIN.

Red stage curtain on black background in square format

Hot To Trot

Mark watched her body stiffen, but knew it was not through pain. He’d only worked two of the smallest beads inside her and the plug she’d worn for most of the afternoon had been bigger in circumference. The tightly clenched set of her body was because she was aroused and it was obvious that while she wanted release, she wasn’t at all comfortable with the idea of him staring straight into her pelvic region in her doubly exposed manner. Get used to it, horsie, because the crazy antics get worse from here on in. In any case, she’d had a tame start to her first day at the stables. Most of the other fillies that had been on today’s intake were now wearing full tack and trying to attract the attention of the most handsome Dom. Easing the third and fourth beads inside her, he was already admiring his handiwork and he had another six beads to go. Twist, turn, roll and push. That took care of another four. He watched the delicious set of her mouth, tight around the bit, as he pressed in bead number seven.


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MidWeekTease – Cold Showers #BDSM


Hello Teasers,

I’m back with more naughtiness from my WIP ‘Sparks.’ What else? 😉


“I am going to break you. That’s the whole purpose of this exercise. From the moment the door inside that room closes, I am not going to be Mr Nice Guy. I am going to do everything in my power to hear you scream, and I won’t stop until I hear you beg for mercy. Do you wish to proceed on that basis?”

Today my name is Lois Reeves. I have an appointment with dominant “James Leverett” this morning, because my next assignment requires that I be a “submissive” and I have no idea what that entails. I’m about to find out… by jumping in at the deep end.

“There’s no hot water,” I squeaked, as thankfully my indecision got the better of me.

“There was. There isn’t now. Just so you know, Lois, there are consequences to all of your actions around here. So you will step in that cold shower, and you will get clean. I’m not leaving here until you do so.”

I pouted at him, with my best, big beguiling bambi eyes and said, “Couldn’t you just not feed me for the rest of the day, instead?” I battered my eyelashes a couple of times for good measure.

“No. We’ve already had that conversation, and if you’re not inside that shower within ten seconds, I will be joining you. Let me assure you that I can’t wait to give you a very, very, thorough wash which should take twenty or thirty minutes, I think.”

“You’d endure a freezing cold shower just to chastise me?”

“Nine, eight, seven…”

“I’m going, I’m going,” I muttered, although I dearly wanted to test his resolve. I wondered how he’d fare under artic water conditions.

Slamming the shower door behind me so hard it nearly rocked on its hinges, I nearly screamed as the cold water hit me full force. Gathering up the soap as I started shivering, I had the world’s fastest wash as James stood in the corner glowering at me.


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How To Start Exploring #BDSM


Original Article is from Babeland.com How to Start Exploring BDSM: A Beginner’s Guide
While fetish fashions like leather corsets and collars are fairly common in mainstream culture, BDSM — the subculture that created these fashions — remains a mystery to most people. Our customers questions range from “Doesn’t that hurt?” to “Am I normal for wanting to do this?” We’ll answer these and a host of other common questions about BDSM in this beginner’s guide.
What’s BDSM Stand for, Anyway?

First, let’s define BDSM. It’s a fairly recent term that encompasses consensual explorations of sensation and/or power dynamics. Categories like Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism are part of BDSM and can include acts like biting, spanking, tying up your partner, wearing nipple clamps, playing with sensations like ice cubes and hot wax, making use of blindfolds and gags, and role-playing, such as partners taking on dominant and submissive roles.

The most common question we hear is “But why would anyone like pain?” Remember that BDSM is an exploration of erotic sensation. Being blindfolded and tied up while your partner massages your shoulders and then drips hot wax on your back is a very different experience than visiting the dentist for that long overdue cleaning. When aroused, our bodies process sensations differently, and sometimes a bite or a spank can suddenly feel exquisite.

People love BDSM because it gets their motors revving. It’s fun, exciting, and it feels good. It can be an emotional thrill, a great way to reinvigorate a relationship, or to connect with a partner and create intimacy. BDSM isn’t just a different kind of sex. Elements of BDSM that make you hot can be incorporated into your current sexual repertoire.
“Safe, Sane, and Consensual”

That’s the motto of the BDSM community. While a BDSM exchange can look intimidating, it’s important to know that the people involved have talked beforehand and decided what they would like to experience together It’s this process that clearly separates BDSM from abuse. Communication and consent are the tools that people who enjoy BDSM use to keep themselves and their partners safe.

Some people are afraid that if they consent to some aspect of BDSM play, they’ll never be able to say “no” if they decide they don’t like spanking or bondage after all. Remember that you are in complete control of how you act on your desires. And you have a right to use your safeword (see safety tip later on), change your mind, or re-negotiate at any time.

Other people are afraid that once they experience stronger sensations, they will want more and more. That might happen, but it’s unlikely that trying out a set of nipple clamps will be a one-way ticket to the dungeon and a full-time master/slave relationship.

Read the full article HERE.

#MasturbationMonday – Wacky Fantastic #Bondage!

Masturbation Monday

It’s MOAN DAY. I’m going to try my best to get you moaning in a good way. I can try, right? 🙂


A Rough Ride

“Leyland Forbes won the auction and he requested an extra night, would you believe? It’s supposed to run from midnight to midnight, but Forbes is apparently greedier than most,” said Mark, slanting Agnes a sideways grin.

“Isn’t he the pharmaceutical giant? Have I got the right man?” Agnes looked puzzled for a moment.

“Yes and he’s the one that likes painting still life’s of women in bizarre bondage, I do believe,” said Hetty, who was now tinkering with a couple of rubber tubes.

“What kind of bondage are we talking here?” It was clear that Agnes’ interest had been piqued.

“He works mostly in the wacky fantastic,” said Mark, stroking Jenny’s ass in an effort to calm her as Agnes got the wrist and ankle cuffs out. “Underwater bondage, mid-air, statuesque and mirror maze are just a few of the exhibitions he’s managed to accomplish. He’s been known to bury them upright to the neck in glass containers filled with nothing more than sand, showcasing tits, ass and hands in a supplicating gesture. He’s also famous for mounting them on plinth’s wearing nothing more than a pair of stilettos and a couple of rather impressive dildos. The underwater ones he creates are superb. I’ve seen a tank of emerald green sea water with three naked women entwined together wearing little more than the necessary scuba gear required to survive. If you frame that with an exquisite array of marine fish coral and frayed, hessian rope, Forbes had quite a picture to paint.”

“He must paint very quickly,” said Agnes, who had attached both sets of cuffs to Petal’s trembling body and was now fastening a strip of chain in the middle of both that would prohibit her from being able to stand upright.

Mark shook his head. “He takes a good week or two over most, and sometimes it can be almost a month before he’s finished with them.”

Agnes tugged on her connecting chain and was satisfied that it was secure. “Well how on the earth do they…” she waved her hand to indicated she was looking for some words that were rather delicate in nature.

“Toilet?” Mark grinned. “They’re tubed up from head to foot and a machine takes care of all their essential needs for the duration of their bondage.

Agnes eyes widened. “Oh my,” she said.

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#SatSpanks – Wedding Speeches #BDSM

Saturday Spankings

Hello Spankos and say a big HELLO to the weekend! Seeing as how you’re all in good mood with the prospect of some nice weather coming your way… how about I sneak in a little naughtiness to get your day off to a good start? 🙂


The Velvet Chair

All too soon the speeches were upon us. I’d managed to get Jennifer to eat a few mouthfuls of dessert, but I hadn’t pushed the issue. When she was living under my roof, she would eat regular, decent meals or find herself in a whole world of trouble, which would also lead to her eating regular, decent meals. I tended to get what I wanted in most of my dealings with the opposite sex, and I didn’t see why the lesser Redcliff should prove any exception.

I am so pleased that Mark has fallen head over heels in love with Jennifer. There is nothing more heart-warming for a father-in-law, than to see the light of true love shining from his daughter’s eyes.

As Jennifer’s father began his long and drawn out speech, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to strangle the man or punch him. There was so much love shining out of Jennifer’s eyes, they resembled a pair of black out blinds.

And do you know, I think this is the first time I’ve heard Jennifer say the words ‘I will,’ with a smile on her face and without moaning. I have no idea what Mark’s done to her, but all I can say is that they were made for each other.

The sip of St Emilion I had just taken was unfortunately inhaled after that comment, and I promptly began choking. Jennifer unhelpfully began to pat me on the back.


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