#SatSpanks – Medical Play #BDSM

Saturday Spankings

Hello Spankos! It’s the weekend, it’s summer, and the birds are singing in the trees. As to the birds and bees… well, they’re playing naughty. So what’s new? 😉



“Medical play is always good fun for shock value. There’s nothing quite like a table full of medical implements to scare a submissive witless. Some subbies love a good mind fuck, and if that’s what they’re aiming for, I can usually deliver. It can play out one of two ways. I can either perform an intimate medical exam by playing the roll of a doctor, or I can concentrate on things like needle play and minor procedures.”

“Minor procedures?” I swallowed over the thick lump that had formed in my throat.

“Piercings, tattoos, suturing, needle corsets. Piercing the skin with a needle triggers lots of lovely hormones such as adrenaline and endorphins. Some submissives find this kind of play intensely pleasurable.” My eyes widened at the list he had just rattled off. Perhaps I should have paid a little more attention to that sheet of limits I’d been handed.

“You have no idea what a pleasure it will be working with someone who will allow me so much freedom in my pursuits.”


Well, that’s all for this week folks 😉 Let the naughtiness continue over at the Saturday Spankings HQ!

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Let’s Pretend #Roleplay Guide for #BDSM

Businessman Holding Glass Of Wine And Blindfold.

Original article written by Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine

Five Kinky Role Play Scenes To Spice Up Your Bedroom Routine!

We’ve all had fun on the playground with cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, or doctors and nurses. The good news is that pretending doesn’t have to stop just because you’re an adult. Use it to inject some naughty fun into your sex life and the sky is your limit. Need some ideas? Read on…

Boss and Secretary

The Scenario: You’re pulling an all-nighter when your secretary decides to delete all your files for your upcoming meeting tomorrow. Tell her that’s she fired unless she can find some way of making it up to you.

Why it’s good for her: She gets to wear a short skirt and play Maggie Gyllenhaal for the day. She’ll be quaking in her boots as she begs you to take pity on her. What will she do to get in your good graces again? Pop her backside over the desk and ask for a spanking? How delicious!

Why it’s good for you: You get to play the high-flying executive whose every command must be obeyed. If she wants her job back, you can make her earn it. Make sure you work her hard – you’re paying her, after all!

High Class Call Girl and Client

The Scenario: Book yourself into a classy hotel and arrange to meet your partner in the lobby. Why not text her with the details of the clothing you’d like her to wear? That will make the wait all the more exciting as you keep your eyes glued to the revolving door of the hotel lobby.

Why it’s good for her: She gets to dress up and put some fancy underwear on. She also gets a sexy night away and you dribbling at her feet for a night. Remember, though, there’s no kissing allowed.

Why it’s good for you: You have your partner at your beck and call for the evening. You get to call the shots. You want her to strip, tell her! You want her to talk dirty, you need only ask…

The Human Sex Doll or Robot

The Scenario: She’s been bought and programmed for the evening. She is to follow your every command and please you in any way that she is instructed.

Why it’s good for her: She’ll never know what’s coming next. All she can do is wait to obey, and the anticipation of your next move is going to drive her nuts.

Why it’s good for you: You’re in charge! Position her however you want and get her to act out your wildest fantasies. She’s there to serve your every whim and act out your fantasies, so have fun with this one. If you want her silent for the evening whilst you watch footie, this one could come in handy.

Read the FULL article HERE.


Unboxing 50 Shades Darker Bondage Kits with Sammi Cole #50ShadesDarker

This week on Bondage Gone Wilde, they’re unboxing a couple’s bondage kit from the Fifty Shades Darker collection!

Undie Mondays’ Sammi Cole steps in for Jess Wilde to find out just what’s in the Fifty Shades Darker collection from Lovehoney. Ooh err! Anyone fancy a go? 😉

#MidWeekTease – Nothing Less Than A Monster #BDSM #amwriting


Hello Teasers – hope your week is going well? Just two more days to go until the weekend – but before we get there, here’s a little update on ‘The Velvet Caress.’


The Velvet Caress

Chapter Six – Mark

How do you go from sadist to masochist in the blink of eye? I wasn’t sure I understood it myself, but I knew this much: tonight had to happen. The weight of the world was on my shoulders, and I needed relief, if only for a night. Did I expect the big guy upstairs would see my suffering and take pity on me? No, but one could hope, right?

In all seriousness, this was probably selfishness on my part, but Jen had suffered so much in such a short time under my hands, that I felt the need to atone, and I couldn’t think of a better way. If Jen had been awake, I’d have asked her to do it, because it was only fair she got a chance to have her own back, but I needed to face facts. There was a chance that Jen might never wake up. There were no guarantees when your body was in the ICU and filled with thirty yards of plastic tubing. So, I would atone for my sins with Sophia this evening, and hope that Jen might stay alive long enough to sate her revenge with me another day.

Fuck. What if she woke up and refused to have anything to do with me? How did I handle that? And now that I knew I was in love with her, what happened if the sentiment wasn’t returned? Be reasonable, Mark. How could she love you? What could you have possibly done that could have made you anything less than a monster in her eyes? Putting my head in my hands, I realised I needed Sophia now more than ever. This was a mess I would never untangle.


And that’s all for this week folks! Check out the other snippets at the MidWeekTease Blogspot.

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Burning Passion by Lilian Roberts BookBlitz – Steamy #Romance! — Just #99c!


Lindsey is a stunning young woman full of life, smart, efficient and ambitious, she surrounds herself with quality friends and has gained the respect of coworkers, superiors, and friends.

Her heartbreaking separation from a five-year relationship left a void that someday would need to be filled. But at this point, romance seemed like unsafe territory.

And just about the time she thought she had achieved an impenetrable, relationship-proof fortress, Paul, a virtual friend on Facebook, sweeps he thoughts away and sets her nights on fire. If he is anything like what she had built in her mind, he would be a force to be reckoned. Lindsey is just about to find out…

Amazon US link: https://goo.gl/zD81wU
Amazon UK link: https://goo.gl/GgMwG7
BOOKS TO READ: https://www.books2read.com/ BurningPassion

BDSM Can Be A Form of Meditation, Dominatrix Explains #BDSM, Sex & Relationships

meditationOriginal Article By Sandra LaMorgese of the Huffington Post

Meditation makes most Americans think of a Middle Eastern Indian or Tibetan Monk sitting in a lotus position at a monastery in the middle of nowhere, remaining still for many long, agonizing hours in their silent search for enlightenment. Most of us, however, have neither the patience nor the hip flexibility for such activities, and because we weren’t raised practicing meditation, we have only this skewed image of the practice that has been given to us by the media.

Guess what though? Driving a race car, coloring, watching a movie, or practicing BDSM can all be forms of meditation too. It’s not about the yoga poses — it’s about letting go of the relentless mind chatter and focusing solely on the present moment.

According to the Institute of Noetic Sciences,
“The most popular, widely adapted, and widely researched meditation technique in the West is known as mindfulness meditation, which is a combination of concentration and open awareness. Mindfulness is found in many contemplative traditions, but is most often identified with the Theravadan Buddhist practice of vipassana, or “insight meditation.” The practitioner focuses on an object, such as the breath, bodily sensations, thoughts, feelings, or sounds. The focus is not as narrow as in concentrative meditation, for there is a simultaneous awareness of other phenomena. This mindfulness practice is often extended to daily actions, such as eating, walking, driving, or housework.”
In my free time, I like to go rock scrambling and ride a motorcycle, both of which can be dangerous and potentially fatal if I let my attention wander. When I participate, I have to be completely focused on what I’m doing and fully mindful of my surroundings. I can’t be thinking about work, the electric bill, a boyfriend, or getting my car to the garage for a tune-up. The activity is intense and demanding, and therefore my mind is — must be — clear. When this happens, I lower my blood pressure, strengthen my immune system, and decrease my emotional anxiety just as much as if I were sitting quietly, meditating on a yoga mat.

The meditative form of BDSM is called “subspace.” My submissive clients describe it as an altered state of consciousness in which they feel completely liberated from stress. It’s a practice that allows you to completely let go of internal and external stress so that you can fully immerse yourself in the present moment. As the Dominatrix, I also experience a corresponding mental state of relaxation from my deep focus and concentration.

Read full article HERE.

#SatSpanks – Don’t Come At Me With A Needle #BDSM Edge Play

Saturday Spankings

Howdy Spankos! I’m back again with a snippet from Sparks, which should have a release date shortly 🙂 Nothing a like a bit of Special Agent BDSM to see you through the summer, right?



The next morning, after a solid ten hours of sleep, I felt a burst of anxiety at the afternoon ahead. It was more a fear of the unknown than anything else, but I was always a firm believer in the adage “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I could handle anything that James dished out for me on the pain front, of that I was certain, but there were other aspects that frightened me.

The stripping naked thing for starters, and that was only the tip of the iceberg. Following orders, having someone I didn’t know play about with my most intimate parts, and trying not to scream the place down if I saw him come at me with a needle were all high up on my list. The humiliation aspect also didn’t sit well with me, and if he expected me to masturbate in front of him, we were going to enter stalemate territory, but he’d find that out soon enough.

Well that’s all folks! Head on over to the Saturday Spankings Blog to read all the other naughty snippets!

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Yes, You Can Have Period Sex! #Sex #Relationships


Original Article by Sophie Gallagher writing for the Huffington Post

When you want to get laid, you never want something going on downstairs that makes you feel any less than your total queen self.

Luckily for many women, being on their period is just a question of just changing the bedsheets, rather than not getting between them at all, but for those who are still on the fence, just remember, we’re talking regular abstinence and that requires serious consideration.

Especially if you’re in a same sex relationship and your cycles haven’t synced (FYI that is a total myth guys), you ladies could be spending as much as 50% of every month celibate. And ain’t nobody got time for that.

So we’ve done the research for you and are sharing the eight things we all need to know when you’re thinking of replacing that tampon with something else.

You definitely can have sex on your period.

For people wondering whether they can have sex on their period, the short answer is: yes. Yes, you absolutely can have sex on your period.

Myths surrounding period sex continue to exist – in Poland the taboo is so great that an old wives’ tale says you can actually kill your partner by having period sex (crikey).

And while some women might choose to wait until they have finished because they feel uncomfortable about the potential mess, are in pain or because they oppose it on religious grounds, there is nothing to stop you doing it if that is what you want to do.


You are not the only woman having period sex.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there here have not been a lot of studies into this area but there have been anecdotal surveys conducted, such as this one by Medium, which found that 55% find period sex to be “totally natural” or “awesome”. So what are you waiting for? Everyone else is already on board.

Read the full article HERE.

How To Use Nipple Clamps and Suckers – Bondage Gone Wilde #BDSM #Bondage

Here’s another little educational post from Jess Wilde all about nipple clamps and suckers. It’s possible to orgasm from nipple stimulation alone (HURRAH!) so why not give this a go and see what happens 😉

Learn how to use nipple clamps (and suckers and vibrators) for new realms of erotic pleasure.

Not just for fetish enthusiasts, with so many different designs on the market, there really is a nipple toy for everyone!

So whether you think of yourself as vanilla, kinky or somewhere in between, discover how to use a nipple clamp to enhance your sexual adventures.

Who knows, you might even achieve the one and only nipple orgasm! (aka Nipplegasm)

Why Do People Use Nipple Clamps? http://bit.ly/2dpTNMK