Scandalous Timeless Love – #Authors Needed! Promo Opp For #WRITERS!

STUFF YOUR eREADER CAMPAIGN! February 8, 2017 Want loads of downloads for your book? Then participate in the Scandalous Reads – Timeless Love Kindle Fire & Ebooks Galore Giveaway & Download Deals Day! Your book must be 99c or free erotica/romance/LGBT/interracial/historical/time travel/futuristic on Wednesday, February 8, 2017. You need to be willing to promote the deal to […]

Naughty #Authors – PROMOTION OPPORTUNITY!! #Erotica

  STUFF YOUR eREADER CAMPAIGN! June 15, 2016 #AUTHORS! Do you have a $0.99 or freebie ebook that you want downloaded? Then join Scandalous Summer Reads! We’re offering you the chance to get your erotic / erotica / BDSM or steamy romance book in front of hundreds of readers! Entry costs just $5 (payable via […]

How Does The Amazon Sales Algorithm Work? #writing #authors

Amazon’s sales rank algorithm is surprisingly simple… Original article written by John Doppler of – link provided below. 1. Each sale or download of a product counts as one point toward a hypothetical “rank score”. 2. Each day, the preceding day’s score decreases by half, and is added to today’s points. 3. For each […]

#Writers! Need FREE Help With Social Media?

I’m starting a new Facebook group focusing on social media help for authors. Facebook likes and follows, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Blog / Website, Wattpad etc. Likes and follows – that kinda thing and more. We’re going to try and work on newsletter development, and a few other aspects of marketing, too. The group is […]