What’s the difference between #ABUSE and #BDSM? And a few BDSM Phrases explained.

50 Shades of Grey has confused some vanillies (as I like to call them, or people outside of the BDSM loop). He’s hitting her. It’s abuse! Now here’s the thing: If he was doing it without her consent and if she didn’t have the power to stop him with a safe word at any given […]

#BDSM in the Kitchen…

  Bedrooms are great, aren’t they? They have a bed, for starters, which is usually soft and squishy and great to jump up and down on. Every now and again, though, it’s nice to try something new. So, what’s fun in the kitchen? HereĀ are Christina’s topĀ 5 fun things to do in the kitchen: The kitchen […]