#MasturbationMonday – Last Chance to Buy DIRTY DOMS the boxset!! #BDSM

Hello Moan Day Peeps!! Today I’m giving you a last little snippet of James and Lois, before the boxset is withdrawn from the market. There may be good news on the horizon, though. I’m considering turning ELECTRIC into a full blown novel, so watch this space 😉 Electric “Okay, now that I have your attention, […]

#SatSpanks – Forced Orgasms #BDSM

Hello weekend paddlers. Have you got your hairbrushes and spatulas ready? Good. Then we can begin 😉 Electric “Shhh, Lois. I’m not going to make you beg for this one. We’ll save that for later. I think we need to loosen you up a bit, so just relax. You’re not going to be able to […]

#SatSpanks – Get to the Good Part #BDSM

Hello Spankos – what would the weekend be like without a little sexy naughtiness? I know, I know! So I’m going to sip my margarita here in bed, and dive back under the covers for my riding crop. You have fun, you hear 😉 Electric He fed me the small piece of lobster he’d been […]

#MasturbationMonday – It’s all about #Pleasure BDSM NSFW

Let’s do some MOANING and GROANING… because… oh yeah, it’s Monday again. On the plus side, I have lots of perverted naughtiness for you 🙂 Electric “It’s not about the pain. You watch too much TV. Most people who practise BDSM hardly touch upon the pain side of things. Sometimes, as the relationship progresses, a […]

#MasturbationMonday – Knitting Needles & #BDSM

Hello Monday Masturbators, or Moan Day Fans, which ever you prefer 😉 I’m back with the Dirty Doms today, which have been a bestseller on Amazon, Kobo & iTunes. WOW. Totally blow away – so my thanks to all of you wonderful people who have gone out a bought a copy. T.H.A.N..K.I.N.G.   Y.O.U!!! Dirty […]

#SatSpanks – Ultimate Guide to PAIN – #BDSM

Well hello Spankos – it’s happy time – THE WEEKEND!! My next new release – the Dirty Doms anthology – is coming out on Tuesday 28th June, so with that in mind, here’s a little something for you… Dirty Doms “The trick with spankings is to start slowly and build up a good, steady rhythm. […]

#MasturbationMonday – BDSM & Medical Edge Play #Fetish

Hello and a big high five for MOAN DAY. What are we moaning about today? Kinky sex with lots of fetish included, that’s what. Here’s a little snippet from ‘Electric’ for you… Electric “I am going to break you. That’s the whole purpose of this exercise. From the moment the door inside that room closes, […]

#MasturbationMonday – Do You Want Ropes or Cuffs? #BDSM NSFW

Hello Moan Day’ers! Welcome to Monday and lots of naughtiness. Today I have a little something from ‘Electric’ which has now gone up for pre order for just 99 cents! Ten stories, ten naughty authors – one tiny price. WOOT! Electric “Well, as soon as the door closes I’ll ask you to get naked.” I […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – The Sparkler – ElectroStim #BDSM

Howdy Doody Wipsters – It’s already the middle of the week and I’m pleased to announce that ‘Electric’ is now off for edits. *Fist pump* So one last little snippet… and you’ll be seeing a cover reveal for the Dirty Doms boxset soon 🙂 Electric Turning back to face me, James said, “This is called […]

#MasturbationMonday – Electric Shock Plugs! #Anal

It’s Moan Day, I’m moaning, Jenny’s groaning and I have a fun night out at the Dorchester hotel for you, complete with electric shock plugs. Yes, I’m that kind of naughty… 😉 THE TIES THAT BIND “So, do you want to know what you’re dining upon this evening, or do you prefer surprises?” Jenny continued […]