Christina’s Favourite Item Of Fetish Wear (So Far This Week…) #BDSM #Fetish #sensual

Basque, stockings and suspenders… ‘the age old ‘classically sexy.’ The whip and the gloves say it all though… she’s up to naughtiness 😉 For those of you that wanted something a little more… fetishy… how about this: ** Images are not my own and are sourced from Pinterest **  

Christina’s Favourite Item of FetishWear (So Far This Week…) #fetish #Kink

This little number comes courtesy of the, and if you’re searching for a little something naughty this weekend… free free to have a browse. I just did! I can’t help wondering how much talc that took to get on and if any contortionist moves were required. What do you think? 😉 Take me there…

Christina’s Favourite Item of Fetish Wear (So Far This Week…) #BDSM #Fetish

I’m still on the latex theme. I think it’s because I’m writing about Sophia dominating Mark at the moment. Latex… dribble. It’s figure hugging, smooth, comes in all sorts of different colours, and it’s shiny. What’s not to like? Apologies but I have no idea where these outfits come from, other than that they were […]

Christina’s Favourite Item Of FetishWear (So Far This Week…) #BDSM #Fetish

I’m not usually a pink kinda girl, but this caught my attention. Isn’t it adorable? Definitely perfect for the baby girl in your life 😉  If you’re not into pink, don’t despair – it comes in a range of glorious colours, including my favourite one – red. Details: One lump or two?…Three Please! This pair […]

Christina’s Favourite Item of Fetishwear so far this week #BDSM #Fetish

This little number is from uberkinky and doesn’t it look gorgeous. Just get those 6 inch heels on and grab a riding crop… and voila. One gorgeous Domme 😉 Noir Handmade Wet Look & Tulle Long Dress with Collar Alluring mesh panels at the side for a revealing look Zip entry at the front and […]

Christina’s Favourite Item of Fetish Wear (So far this week…) #Fetish

Yes, I have something about a nicely done French Maid’s outfit… and this one’s taken my fancy 😉 Tastier than a sauvignon blanc and sexier than Marion Cotillard (well, almost), this fab French maid’s outfit is the perfect way to add a little ‘ooh la la’ to your love life. Just add some stockings to […]

Christina Mandara’s Top Ten #Kinky Accessories

So, you think you’re kinky? Prove it. How many of the items on the top ten list do you have stored in your naughty closet at home? #10 Knee length/Thigh high boots – strut around the house in these babies in your underwear and yes, you’re one kinky lady #9 PVC or Latex Clothing – […]