What’s The Difference? Latex Vs PVC with Jess Wilde #BDSM #FETISH

What’s the difference between latex and PVC? What about wet look? Or datex? In this vlog I take you through the main differences between these 4 fetish materials to help you make the best choice for your erotic adventures. Christina: Latex has my vote. There’s just something…. mmmm… about it 😉

Christina’s Favourite Item of Dungeon Equipment (So Far This Week…) #Fetish #BDSM

The coffee table discreetly disguised as the ‘Kneeling Bench’ This substantial quality hand made coffee table is perfect for players with limited space. A lovely piece of pine furniture for your living room which easily converts to a kneeling bench when the table-top is reversed. Leather studded bench top available in a choice of colours. […]

Urophilia or ‘Golden Showers’ – Why? #Fetish

Original article by Zahra Mulroy of the Mirror Golden showers: Perverted conduct? Urophilia, when a person is sexually aroused with the sight or thought of urine, is a type of paraphilia which is – bear with us – an unusual sexual interest. “There is nothing in psychological literature which suggests people who are into golden […]

Sploshing – Wet and Messy! #BDSM #Fetish

Original article by Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine Sploshing is a wet and messy fetishism, or WAM for short. In the last few years it’s become rather fashionable, and even Christina Aguilera has had a go with a deliciously naughty cake scene. In a nutshell, sploshing is food play and it’s where people become […]

Christina’s Favourite Item of BDSM Dungeon Equipment (So Far This Week…) #BDSM #FETISH

It’s the red and the black. It is, it is! Oh, it might be the shiny metal, too. Plenty of spaces for handcuffs. You could be chained on, under or against… there are just so many possibilities. Is it me, or do they have a mirrored ceiling as well? Oh la la…

5 Things To Put On Your Kinky Bucket List! #kinky #BDSM

Original article written by Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine Bondage Silk scarves, a pair of work ties, fluffy cuffs, a leather belt… and the list is endless. If you’re looking to thrill her in the bedroom, there’s no better place to start. You don’t even have to tie her to the bedpost! Try tying […]

Understanding Sexual Fetishes #Sex and #Relationships

Original Article by Dr Becky Spelman of the Huffington Post Thanks to the 50 Shades of Grey phenomena, last year saw the fetish scene sail as close to the mainstream as it has ever done, with the series’ first movie the eleventh most popular global film, and EL James’s re-telling of her first novel, Grey, […]

Christina’s Favourite Item of Fetish Wear (So Far This Week…) #BDSM #Fetish

Wet-look footless stockings from Uber Kinky. Aren’t they lovely? Wide lace top wet look stockings finish off a gorgeous fetish look Silicone bands inside the lace tops help hold your stockings firmly in place Footless design so you can enjoy your favourite peep-toe shoes or strapy heel They’re available from UberKinky in the UK, but […]