Masses Should Be Watching Duke of Burgundy – Not #50Shades!

Article by Natalie de Winter of the Huffington Post Fact: films and TV influence our lifestyle choices. Sometimes it’s fashion (Flashdance, Miami Vice, The Matrix), other times it’s hairstyles (Friends, Ghost, Pulp Fiction) and often it’s quirky extracurricular activities like pole dancing (Striptease), Roller Derby (Whip It) or archery (The Hunger Games). But for some […]

10 Ridiculous Facts About #FiftyShadesOfGrey!

Taking a look at E L James merchandising, featuring whips, handcuffs and pleasure beads, not to mention wine, here are a few facts you absolutely never needed to know. E L James made $95 million in a single year alone – yup, all these facts and more can be yours. Go on… you know you wanna.


You can smell the leather… you can hear the crack of the whip… yes, we’re in the dungeon of a real life US dominatrix and there’s plenty of spankings to be found. Enjoy!

What’s the difference between #ABUSE and #BDSM? And a few BDSM Phrases explained.

50 Shades of Grey has confused some vanillies (as I like to call them, or people outside of the BDSM loop). He’s hitting her. It’s abuse! Now here’s the thing: If he was doing it without her consent and if she didn’t have the power to stop him with a safe word at any given […]