#MasturbationMonday – A Very Public Humiliation #BDSM

Hello and a big shoutout for MOAN DAY. Let’s face it – if you’re not moaning and groaning – you’re not doing it right 😉 THE TIES THAT BIND “I distinctly remember telling you that when you arrived at the office, you would bend over and push your panties down around your ankles. That meant […]

#BDSM Punishment Types – Reflective, Humiliation and Discomfort

Punishment, Humiliation or Discomfort… which one is the worst in your book? I think I’ll go for reflective punishments, bar the being sent to bed early one… I think I might quite enjoy that on occasion 🙂 Oh and one more thing? How can being dressed up in restrictive clothing be a punishment? Who doesn’t […]

#MasturbationMonday – #PonyGirl Preparation! #BDSM

  Welcome to another edition of Masturbation Monday. Are we depressed it’s Monday? Oh no, because there are lots of naughty goodies to discover around these parts. Brace yourself. Today we take a look at Jenny’s preparation into PONY-GIRL land… Hot To Trot Unbelievably, even her dreams were sexual in nature. It seemed there was […]