#MasturbationMonday – A Severed Penis, anyone? #BDSM

Hello and welcome to MOAN DAY! Today we’re moaning but for all the wrong reasons 🙂 I’ll make it up to you next week… The Velvet Chair “Yes, I quite fancy a blow job as it happens.” His tongue licked at my ear lobe and I shuddered. “Well, I fancy biting your cock off and […]

FULL story of Lorena Bobbit & The Cut That Shocked The World Wince!

Original Article by Corky Siemaszko of The Daily News It was the cut felt around the world. Twenty years ago Sunday, a frustrated Virginia housewife grabbed a kitchen knife and turned the name Bobbitt into a verb by slicing off her drunken husband’s penis. While John Wayne Bobbitt lay bleeding on his bed, wife Lorena […]