#MasturbationMonday – Mr Big & #BDSM!

Hello, and give a big cheer because MOAN DAY is here! Woot! General rules apply. There is nothing but naughtiness to be found here. You have been WARNED! Hot to Trot Nearing the training room for the second time, Jenny was panting heavily and a fine sheen of sweat covered her body. The bit was […]

#MasturbationMonday – Address Me Only As Mistress #BDSM

Hello and welcome to Moan Day – today’s moan day is dirty, naughty and back in pony-girl land. Happy Monday Y’all 😉 The Ties That Bind The tread of the stilettos slowed and he immediately braced his body. Sure enough, the point of a very sharp boot found its way between his legs and up […]

#MasturbationMonday – Wined, Dined and & Electrified! #BONDAGE, Fetish & BDSM

Hello and welcome to MOAN DAY – the hottest day of the week, without question! Have Monday Blues… shoo them away here… guaranteed. What have we in store for you today? Hot, kinky stuff. What else? The Ties That Bind An hour later and Jenny had been whisked away to a private salon in the […]

#MasturbationMonday – Caged Pony-Play – BDSM & #Fetish

Hello and welcome back to the best of day of the week – SERIOUSLY! – because, yep, that’s right it’s MOAN DAY. Well, seeing as how I’m on my blog tour, I thought we’d continue with the ‘caged’ scene from ‘The Ties That Bind.’ THE TIES THAT BIND On the telephone… “Your package has arrived… […]

#MasturbationMonday – #Gagged and Stripped!

Welcome to MOAN DAY, officially the hottest day of the week! What are we up to today? Well… we’re playing with scissors, amongst other things 😉 THE RIDING SCHOOL Unsurprisingly Jenny didn’t let the invasive object in willingly and it was Hetty who pinched her nostrils together and waited for her to draw breath, which […]