#MasturbationMonday – There’s no point saying I’m not going to hurt you, because believe me I am #BDSM

It’s two years old! That’s right – Masturbation Monday is having it’s second birthday – awww. A round of applause for the lovely Kayla Lords for thinking up such a great idea. Learning The Ropes Looking around, she had to wonder why it had been called ‘The Red Room.’ The paint was a boring shade of […]

#SatSpanks – My sessions are anywhere from THREE to FIFTEEN #ORGASMS!

Hello Spankos – it’s Saturday, you should be in bed (preferably all day) and have a nice cup of coffee by about now. Once you’re all set with that (feel free to get the riding crop out and whip the other half until your beverage is delivered) snuggle up and read on… Electric “Do you […]

Christina’s Basic Guide to PAINKILLERS #health #BDSM

  Tylenol / Paracetamol This is Christina’s least favourite pain killer. It is a no-good-for-nothing, can-even-give-it-to-pregnant-ladies type pain killer. (And considering pregnant ladies can’t even take nasal decongestants – you get the picture of how strong this painkiller is). If I’m really desperate and that’s all available, I’ll take it for a headache with a shot […]

Why a bit of #PAIN is GOOD for YOU! @naughtynell101

This article by the Mail Online intrigued me. Submissives quite often have to endure more than their fare share of pain and I wondered if it that might be a good or bad thing health-wise. It turns out that a bit of discomfort doesn’t do us too much harm… and may actually serve us for the […]

#ScintillatingSunday – SECRETS – #PNR pic.twitter.com/UdIA5dF5qS @naughtynell101

Hello lazy Sunday… hope you’re all laying in bed and lounging around. I am. The weather’s awful (we talk about the weather a lot in the UK – you may have noticed!) and there is no way I’m leaving the house. That’s a good thing, hopefully some writing will be done. Maybe!?! Desiring Death “So, […]

#SatSpanks – Controlling SCREAMS – #BDSM & Intense Bondage!

Woohoo to the weekend and a nice long one for those of you in the US. Yes – happy labour day! Let’s get the weekend off with a bang with some fireworks then… (not that I need an excuse 😉 ) THE TIES THAT BIND Releasing 09.14.2015 Available for pre-order here. “I don’t believe you, Matthews. […]