The Duke of Burgundy – Christina’s Thoughts #BDSM 4/5 Stars ****

In my humble opinion the Duke of Burgundy is a classic example of the sub topping from the bottom. It is set very artistically in a beautiful fairytale-esque setting and certainly gives you pause for thought. The first half of the movie has you convinced that the mistress of the house rules over everything. She […]

Sex Toy Review – The Magic Wand #Sex & #Relationships

This lovely lady pretty much reaffirms what I’ve said about it. It’s the most powerful vibrator alive and it’ll knock your socks off. If you’re trying things like forced orgasms… be prepared to see your sub cry. It’s intense!

Review of the #Crescendo Next Gen Vibrator #BDSM #SEX 5 Stars!!

The gorgeous little beastie above is a Crescendo Next Generation Vibrator. You can bend it, twist it, mould it… and then you’ve got oodles of vibrations and speeds to choose from. AND THEN… you’ve got an app that let’s you control it from your smart phone! ** I’ve Died and Gone to Heaven **     […]