Surreal Human Furniture #BDSM

Need a coat hook, a desk, a handy bedside table? Well, slaves and submissives have been serving these requirements for years – and with admirable style, too 😉 Have fun testing out some theories together…

#Submissives Live In A World of Fantasy #BDSM @naughtynell101

Today’s Thoughts The idea of submission is, more often than not, started in the land of fantasy. These fantasies may manifest themselves for many years before the person decides that they want to make them a reality and some people will never take that plunge.  This is perhaps because fantasies are perfect and the reality of […]

#SUBMISSIVES take note! Crossing your fingers reduces pain – and swearing helps, too! #BDSM

So subbies, next time your mouth earns a spanking your bottom can’t cash you might be interested to note that crossing your fingers and swearing rather loudly, reduces pain. You’ve probably figured out the swearing thing by now, and added additional punishments to your tally no doubt, but the crossing fingers thing you might just […]

Common Misconceptions in the #BDSM World

  Myth 1 BDSM is abusive behaviour.  A top or DOMINANT is ministering to the submissive. She’s the main player in this show, and although the kinky play will enhance both partners sexual excitement for the most part, the sub is in control. If she doesn’t like what the Dom is doing, she only has to utter […]