#WIPITUP Wednesday – Here Is Where It’s At! ~ The Velvet Chair ~ #BDSM

The Velvet Chair if now off to the beta readers and it will shortly be winging its way off to Chimera Books 🙂 For now, I’m designing promo material. Whadya think? I’m having too much fun downloading wedding stock photos… can you tell? I’ve now learnt how to do photoshop reflections and am getting a whizz […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday Special -First Chapter Preview of The Velvet Chair! #BDSM

The Velvet Chair My name is Mark Matthews. I own half of London, and the part I don’t own, I’m working on. Life was all going swimmingly well until Michael Redcliff entered my life, demanding that I marry his daughter. Actually, swap demand for blackmail. He’s got goods on me that I want no one […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell #BDSM

Howdy Wipsters! Yes, we’re still with The Velvet Chair, no I still haven’t finished it, and yes I know Christmas is coming. On that note, here’s an early present… WARNING contains naughtiness! 🙂 ———- Jennifer —————- The Velvet Chair “Ladies and gentlemen,” the commentator cooed almost immediately, ‘we are set to continue the challenge as both […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – Get them all off at once! #BDSM

Howdy Wipsters! Wednesday again 😉 Y’all know what that means, right? Yep. More Mark and Jenny. The Velvet Chair ——— Mark ————- “Pineapple!” My head snapped round at the ludicrous word, disturbing my train of thought, and it was to find that either Katniss had a real craving for pineapple at this moment in time, […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – The Arena – #BDSM

Hello Wipsters! It’s official – I’m giving up on estimates of when this book will be done – but rest assured you’ll be the first to know when I finish. At the moment we’re at 83,000 words and I’m still having lots of fun… so it can’t be all bad. Hope everyone’s getting through the […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – Between a rock and a hard place – #BDSM

Hello again Wipsters! It’s me again. I’m super organised here and have posted this way in advance… so with any luck the goddamn book will be finished by now. If it isn’t, and you see me screaming in the corner somewhere… bring tissues. The Velvet Chair ———- Mark —————- Leyland and I were going to […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – The Arena – Things are about to get interesting #BDSM

Hello Wipsters and welcome to yet another edition of WIPITUP Wednesday. The book is nearing 75,000 words (it was supposed to be finished at 60,000 but I’m useless with figures) and it’s still going. HOPEFULLY I’ll get there soon. Please, oh God, please. The Velvet Chair ———– Jennifer ———— When I hit the edge of […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – Marianna – #BDSM, Bondage & Kink!

Hello Wipsters… I’m still writing. Eep! It’s the last scene and it’s been bugging me for some time, but hopefully I’ll wrap it up soon and get this thing in edits. Tears hair out The Velvet Chair ———— Mark ———— Looking down at my phone, I growled. It was Khalil. What on earth could he […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – She’s a SCREAMER! #BDSM & Dark Romance

This post is especially for Meredith O’Reilly. Is there a glimmer of hope for the redemption of Mark’s soul? I’m not entirely sure… we’ll have to wait and see 🙂 The Velvet Chair ———– Mark ————– “Very well, Princess,” I said, “you appear to have earned yourself an orgasm. You may come when you are […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – Jennifer Is About To Get A #Tattoo * NSFW *

Hello Wipsters – welcome to another edition of The Velvet Chair! I’m hoping to get this all wrapped up in finished within a couple of weeks or so… and I can’t wait 🙂 And with no further ado… The Velvet Chair —- Jennifer ——————— “I thought we’d put the tattoo on your cheek. What do […]