The Top 10 BDSM Toys Every Beginner Needs #BDSM & #Fetish

Original Article written by Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine If you’ve had a look at one or two online sex shops and have been overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety of sex toys out there, this is for you. Whilst there is an amazing array of choice for any budget, these toys have […]

What #Spanking Implement Hurts The Most? #BDSM

It can still give a sizeable sting if the bearer can withstand the sting on their hands for long enough (yes, both sides will feel this one!)… but this is probably where spankings should begin. The hand will give a nice rosy glow, but there’s little chance of skin being broken or bruised.

The #TopTen Weirdest Sexual #Fetishes – Bet You Can’t Guess All Ten!

There are some seriously strange people in the world. Number Eight is particularly scary, number seven not so much, and the rest… well, they’re weird… I did warn you! Now… I need to see some cake sitting… but you can keep the tentacles 😉