#SatSpanks – G Spot Stimulation! #BDSM

Hello Spankos – welcome to another edition of naughtiness 😉 I have a tentative release date for The Velvet Caress which I’ll be sharing with you soon. It’s not far away, I promise… but for now… let’s have a little of this: The Velvet Chair Grabbing the G-spot stimulator, I let her cast her eyes […]

Christina Mandara’s Top Ten #Kinky Accessories

So, you think you’re kinky? Prove it. How many of the items on the top ten list do you have stored in your naughty closet at home? #10 Knee length/Thigh high boots – strut around the house in these babies in your underwear and yes, you’re one kinky lady #9 PVC or Latex Clothing – […]