Bondage Candles Vs Massage Candles – #BDSM – Jess Wilde –

What’s the difference between bondage candles and massage candles? And what about household candles? Hot wax play is incredibly popular, but if this is new territory for you it can be tricky to know where to begin, and which candle is right for you. In this video, I give you the lowdown on the 3 […]

Wax Play – It’s HOT! #BDSM #Edgeplay

Original Article by Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine It’s HOT! So what exactly is wax play? Well, it’s where you tie your partner down (she doesn’t have to be tied down – but it’s more fun that way) and drip hot wax all over her body. It’s an exciting form of BDSM edge play, […]

Intro to #KINK – WAX PLAY #BDSM @naughtynell101

Gasm Org (Nice play on words that…) have provided a series of tutorials for those that like a little spice in their sexual encounters. Yes, we’re talking BDSM, yes we’re talking beginners, but there might be a few little things that the experienced play partner might be able to pick up. Today we’re looking at […]