The #BDSM Abduction #Fetish – One Person’s Nightmare, Another’s Ultimate Fantasy…

I have to confess this isn’t something that I’d ever sign myself up for, but I do understand the fantasy. I guess it’s a form of ultimate submission – all control is instantly taken from you. So whilst I’ll stick it in my worst nightmare box – how do you feel about it? Would you […]

#50Shades Dark is COMING! #video

It’s going to be another Valentines day release and it’s been a long time in the making. So the question is – are you excited or not? Me? Yep. I can’t wait to watch it. Helicopter crashes, lots of sex, and some twisted romance. It’s my kind of story.

How To Set Up A SUPER HOT #BDSM SEX SCENE! With Renee Travi #Video

Some good advice here! Love her opening comments “BDSM isn’t about how sex looks on the outside, it’s about how sex feels on the inside.” Never were truer words spoken. This is what BDSM is for me. A battle of minds and a tangle of wills, mind games, power and control. Whilst I know it’s […]