#SatSpanks – I Think You’re A Bigger Asshole Than Hitler! #BDSM

Hello Spankos! It’s the weekend – hurrah! That means that it’s time for a good lie in, followed by a nice cuppa, and then some naughtiness. Whatever you’re doing with your day – enjoy! 🙂 The Velvet Chair “I think you’re a bigger asshole than Hitler.” She delivered her line with a smile, as if […]

50 Shades duller! Why are the movies getting such bad reviews? #50Shades #BDSM

Once again the critics are out in full force, almost unanimous in their dislike for anything related to 50 Shades. I’m sure E L James isn’t worried, the movie has managed to gross over $50 million so far, and  50 Shades of Grey has netted more than $500 million around the globe. Clearly audiences aren’t agreeing […]

Dressed To Dominate #BDSM

Article By Venus O’Hara writing for Marquis Magazine High heels, corsets and lubed up skin-tight latex couture caressing my curves. Then, there’s the coiffed hair, layers of makeup and lots of attitude. That’s how a lot of people imagine a female dominant should look like. I include myself in that assumption. There I was chilling […]

#MidWeekTease – Why Are You Fighting Me? #BDSM

Hello Teasers, It’s Wednesday, it’s SPRING, and the Easter bunny is on its way. Here’s another excerpt of Sparks as we wait for all that chocolate to roll in 😉 Sparks “Give me your other hand.” I snorted. “So you handcuff that one, too? You must think I’m absolutely crazy, Mr Leveritt.” Tilting his head […]

What is #Pegging? #BDSM

Some great tips for those just starting out in FemDom… looking to penetrate their partner with a strap on. Love these little videos from Down Under with Adorra Live. When she gets nervous or uncomfortable, she giggles. Either that or she’s just having a really good time  :D!!

#MasturbationMonday – You’re Going To Be So Damn Easy To Conquer #BDSM

Hello and a big high five for MOAN DAY! The only moans we want to hear around these parts on Monday are ones of pleasure 😉 Sound good? The Velvet Chair “Oh, darling. You’re going to be so fucking easy to conquer.” His finger reached under my chin and pulled my face back to meet […]

#SatSpanks – The Arena! #BDSM

Howdy Spankos. I’m here to tell you to have a fabulous weekend. Yeehaw! I’m leaving you with a snippet from The Velvet Chair, taken from the arena scene, which I’ve been told is a bit like a kinky version of the Hunger Games… so there you have it 😉 The Velvet Chair A squeal of […]

Friday Naughtiness #BDSM – #Domination

Domination Feel The Sting Embrace The Bite Enjoy The Burn Seize The Night Worship The Shoes Choose Love or Hate Live To Serve And Seal Your Fate Scream Your Pleasure Guard Your Pain For What Once Was Yours Is Mine Again  

5 Hottest Fetish Outfits in Hollywood History! #Fetish #Kinky

Article by Jon Dabove writing for Marquis Magazine Hollywood would likely shun any mention of the word fetish, deeming it not family friendly and the like. However, that hasn’t stopped them from using leather and latex for decades in order to put butts in the buckets. Just sit back and think about it. I bet […]