BDSM Quiz Time – Just How Much Do You Know? #BDSM #Kink & Fetish

BuzzFeed are at it again. They’ve developed a cheeky little quiz to see if you know your safe words from your switches. I managed to get 10/11 – mostly because I didn’t read all the answers first. That’s the story of my life by the way – far too impatient to do anything properly 😉

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#SatSpanks – About To Marry A MONSTER #BDSM

Saturday Spankings

Hello Spankos! It’s the weekend and it’s time to celebrate. What better way to do that than with naughtiness? I know, right? As the Velvet Caress is about to be released any time now, I thought I’d share a little snippet from the Velvet Chair – enjoy!


The Velvet Chair – Jennifer

My hands were visibly shaking. Flexing my fingers repeatedly, I tried to still the tremors, but they were not to be subdued. It was hardly surprising. Today was the day I walked up the aisle and married… a monster. I was under no illusions that Mark Matthews would forgive me for what had happened, and I could hardly blame him. He’d been manipulated and sexually tortured until he could take no more, and then he’d been neatly cornered. He might have agreed to my father’s demands, but he’d come snapping and biting, feral as a wolf.

I sighed. Today was supposed to be a magical day – every little girl’s fantasy. A gigantic cathedral, a sea of flowers, a big fancy dress, and the man of my dreams. I’d imagined it would be filled with tears of happiness and protestations of love. How stupid was I?


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How Has #50Shades Changed Our Porn Habits? #BDSM


Original article by Ryan Barrell of the Huffington Post

The film release of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ has turned the world into kinky devils, according to the latest Pornhub search statistics.

Since the release of the ‘Fifty Shades’ movie, Pornhub received a huge jump in the number of people searching for BDSM content, in the USA as well as worldwide.

The data also shows the effect this movie has had on women, with the increase being much larger. This is presumably because women are ‘Fifty Shades’ target demographic.

The free porn giant said in a statement: “Cinema has come to affect our lives and views in real and meaningful ways. For instance, after the release of the film Sideways, Merlot became more difficult to move off of shelves while Pinot Noir enjoyed a 16 per cent spike in sales.

“Deer hunting decreased by nearly half for a few years after Bambi. In the same vein, the recent release of the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey has been shaking things up over here at Pornhub. Specifically, people are getting freakier in their pornographic preferences and we’ve got the data to prove it.”

Searches involving the word “chains” were up 20%, uses of the term “dominate” were up 40% and 55% more people were looking for “submission”.

The dramatic effect ‘Fifty Shades’ has had on our porn habits is hardly surprising, as the movie squashed all previous records of box office takings for an 18+ film.

Read the entire article HERE.

#MidWeekTease – Keep Quiet Or I’ll Break Your Arm – Erotic #Psychological THRILLER


Hello Teasers! It’s been a good week in camp Mandara and I’m storming along with Beautiful Tears, having written the first 20,000 words. Can I get out three books in 2018? Time will tell 😉


Beautiful Tears

Chapter Eight – Harper

I didn’t scream. In hindsight I should have, but at the time I was too damn petrified. The ability to make any noise was then quickly snatched away as he covered my mouth tightly with his hand. With his other, he forced my body upright, before yanking my left hand sharply behind my back and drawing it up to my neck, immediately bringing tears to my eyes. Yelling against his hand for him to stop, all that came out was a muffled bleat, before his snarling eyes and cruel lips began to devour me.

“Keep quiet, or I’ll break you arm.” His voice was a whisper, but it rang out loud enough in my ears. Putting even more pressure on my arm to reinforce his threat, I had to bite down on my cries. The pain was crippling.

“Good girl. Now listen carefully.” To make sure I got the message he yanked my arm further up my back making me gasp in agony. “You are going to walk with me to that white van over there and get in the back. You will not make a sound. The reason I know you will not make a sound is because if you do, you’re going to lose the use of your arm. Nod if you understand me.”


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King In Chains by Grey Francis #Paranormal Spotlight #PNR



Today I’m honoured to have Grey Francis on my blog. She’s a delicious new paranormal author and I’ve managed to get an excerpt from her new book for you. I hope you enjoy!

Excerpt from Chapter 6 of King in Chains by Grey Francis

He’s running late when he reaches the penthouse and is not surprised to find both his Mates already home, their scents growing stronger and more inviting the closer he gets to the bedroom. Then he catches the unmistakable smell of burning candles.

Their bedroom is flickering in candlelight, at least fifty candles placed all over the room. The bondage equipment is hooked up over the bed and the door to their private dungeon is wide open. But what he sees first is Cassie in nothing put a pair of black lace boy shorts, her beautiful breasts bare with clamps on her nipples and a chain connecting them. She kneels in the submissive pose, waiting for him.

So this is why she asked him to come home. There is to be playtime before their dinner. He’s immediately turned on seeing her waiting for him like this, his lovely and obedient submissive. But when she looks up, a spark of satisfaction in her green eyes and the hint of a smile tells him they are not alone.

Killian’s arm is around his chest, holding him still as a thick leather collar is snapped around his neck. A metal leash is attached and Killian gives it a hard tug, yanking him to his knees.

Definitely play time.

Killian moves out from behind Alastair, and he sees the vampire is shirtless with nothing but black leather pants on. “Cassie, undress Alastair and suck his cock. When he’s at his fullest, put the ring on him.”

Cassie approaches, quickly doing what she’s asked.

“You had this planned all along, didn’t you?” Alastair says softly as she eases down his jeans and he toes out of them.

“Apparently, we are not being strict enough with you,” she says in a husky voice as she slides his cock from her velvet mouth. .

Looking up at him as she begins to suck him, they share a smile. “So I’ve been told,” Alastair murmurs, throwing his head back in pleasure as he pumps into her mouth and deep into her throat. She hums with pleasure and he moans, reaching a hand out to grab hold of her hair, clutching her copper curls as she sucks him.

But his hands are yanked behind his back, bound with chains, wrapped, and locked. Cassie draws back her warm, wet mouth and he feels her slide the ring over his cock along with tight binding around his balls.

Killian yanks him back onto his feet and leads him the dungeon, Cassandra trailing behind them. It’s clear he’s in for a rough session. Nothing as brutal as it would be if he were alone with Killian, but with so much explosive energy between them, Cassie is the buffer they need right now.

Any doubts that plague Alastair about Killian disappear the minute they cross the threshold into the dungeon. The roles are clear here. Killian will demand their submission and their pain and their pleasure. He will tie them and suspend them and fuck them in every way possible. But he will take care of them and give them what they need, just as Alastair has always taken care of Cassie when he mastered her here. Either role he inhabits, he feels secure in this place. Not that he ever knows what to expect with Killian. Just last night they’d been in here for hours, but the mood had been entirely different. Tonight, Killian is far less playful.

Killian stops and turns around, his purple eyes glittering at the sight of his two subs. “On your knees, my darlings. Before we get started, you’ll both pleasure me with your mouths.”

Alastair drops first, moving on his knees so he is eye level with Killian’s already erect cock. He wants so badly to cradle his lover’s cock and balls, take him full in his hands and lift him reverently to his mouth. But like so many endless times before, his wrists are bound behind his back, unable to touch or control anything. He opens his mouth, his tongue guiding the large thick cock into his mouth, using the suction of his lips and the movement of his head to draw Killian in and out, slowly at first, then picking up momentum. Cassie, so close to him with her sweet scent and soft skin, is licking and sucking Killian’s balls. She eventually nudges Alastair aside, their lips meeting, tongues entangling before switching positions several times, working in tandem until Killian starts to pump, his body shaking before he comes in Alastair’s mouth, deep in his throat.

Killian’s cock stays perfectly hard. A blowjob won’t sate him. Not even close. He yanks Alastair’s chain, bringing him to his feet, and strokes his face lovingly. “I should beat the hell out of you for doubting my commitment to you. I promised to make you bleed and I will. But we will save that for another night. Right now, I want you on the plank. Cassandra will be helping me take care of you tonight.”

Fuck. The plank. His ass is getting so pummeled tonight.

Alastair’s wrists are unbound and he walks over to the metal table built into the wall and lies down. His arms are laid flat and stretched out to his sides, and his wrists are locked into hard metal restraints bolted into edges of the plank. Metal poles on either side of the bench support an ominous looking metal spreader bar extending over him. His legs are spread, lifted up and pulled back, his ankles locked securely into hard metal restraints at each end of the bar. Clamps tighten inside the restraints, making him all too aware of how locked down he is. This is how Killian likes his subs best, exposed and on display, completely at his mercy.

Finishing the clamping on his ankles, Killian looks down at Alastair, their eyes locking. Alastair feels a distinct trust between them, the same trust that reverberated through his memories earlier that night. A knot forms in his chest and he wants to cry out in anguish and mourn the loss of this trust. Because the sad truth is, this is the only place, in these roles, that he truly feels it without question.

“Cassandra, I believe Alastair is hungry for your pussy.”

She grins, needing no further prompting to slide out of her panties and climb on top of him, straddling his face between her firm thighs, her perfect pink, gleaming pussy hovering right over his mouth. She combs her hands through his dark hair, and clutches hard, balancing herself over him. He runs his tongue along her slit, lapping at her honey, his tongue finding her clit. Sitting on his face, slowly moving her hips, she fucks his mouth while he swirls his tongue, occasionally giving her little bites with his fangs that make her gasp. He loves the luscious taste of her. No female ever tasted half as good as his Cassie. He hums his pleasure, fucking her with his tongue until she begins quiver, her climax building. As they do this, he’s aware of Killian’s approach and the heat of a candle licking against his skin.

There would be pain. Just not the kind he’d expected.

Drops of hot wax splatter onto his abdomen, burning for seconds before cooling. Killian brings the flame closer, Alastair anticipating the next scalding drop. Killian lets the wax trickle slowly down his raised inner thigh, drawing closer to his crotch. Killian moves to the other thigh and drips more wax, forming a small pool next to the base of his rock-hard cock. He knows what’s next and braces himself. Finally, the scalding wax falls directly onto his throbbing cock, dripping painstakingly up and down his thick length and then down over his balls, decorating him in red wax. With each drop, Alastair shouts out, his mouth muffled in Cassie’s pussy.

He begins to eat her faster, flicking his tongue over her clit. She loves being devoured like this and her body clenches as she climaxes, her juices drenching his face as he laps her up. The last of the shockwaves ripple through her body before she opens her eyes and slowly blinks her green cat eyes down at him. Gods, he loves this female. All he wants to do right now is fuck her.

The scalding drops of wax have stopped and Killian’s fingers are now in his ass, lube being applied as he is readied. After this is accomplished, Killian stands at the edge of the plank, his gorgeous cock hard in front of him, rubbing his hands up and down Alastair’s suspended legs, scraping the wax off with his claws. “Ride his cock, Cassandra, while I ravish his ass. Our wolf must be fucked properly tonight.”

My First Shibari Experience #BDSM #Shibari

Loving the Shibari girl’s mask… but a good first introduction to Shibari… perhaps without the sensuous element you’d get between male and female… but yeah, a good understanding as to what you might feel like with all those gorgeous ropes flying all over your body 😉