#MidWeekTease – Dipping It About In The Right Place At The Wrong Time! #BDSM


Hello Teasers – it’s that time of the week where I show you a little snippet from my WIP ‘Sparks’ which will hopefully be finished in around a month or so 🙂 The action between Lois and James is hotting up…



“We’re having Ratatouille, in case you were wondering,” she said.

I wasn’t, but I kept that to myself.

“James is a marvellous cook. You’ll be getting a little slice of heaven whilst you’re under his roof. He was professionally trained in France. Food still means something over there, I hear.”

“Where did he learn all his other professional skills?” My voice might have held a teensy bit of sarcasm. Seriously, how did a person go from Masterchef to assassin?

“They came later, after someone tried to disembowel him, or so I heard.” Miss Sharkey then went back to the refridgerator, pulled out a bottle of white wine and busied herself with opening it.

“It wasn’t my intestines they were after.” James sauntered into the kitchen looking perfectly calm, cool, and collected. Was there any other version of the man? I gritted my teeth. Of course he had known Sharkey would be here. I was the only one kept in the dark around these parts.

“Lois, you should be on the floor. You’ve already earned so many swats this evening you’ll keep Sharkey and I busy for hours.” Motioning with his index finger in a downward movement, I sighed and did as I was bid. There was two against one. I was doomed.

Miss Sharkey poured out a large glass of wine and handed it to James. “What were they after?”

He smiled at her. “Something a little lower.”

“Ahh. Dipping it about in the wrong place were we?” She raised an eyebrow and smirked at him.

“I was dipping it about in the right place, at the wrong time.” His smile was rueful.


The MidWeek Teasers have lots more fun snippets for you at the MidWeekTease Blogspot!

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Your ABC Guide to BDSM Part II #BDSM #Fetish Sexuality — NSFW!


Original Article Written by Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine.


Masochists are people who enjoy receiving a certain degree of pain. They may be sexually excited by pain that they inflict upon themselves, or they may prefer receiving pain from others – by being spanked or whipped for example.

You do not need to be submissive to be masochistic, and you can be both a masochist and a sadist at the same time. Pain can be physical as well as emotional.


A term used by slaves and pets, ‘Master’ or ‘Mistress’ is a way for a submissive to respectfully address their owner. This is normally a 24/7 arrangement and is not usually confined to the bedroom. The power exchange between parties is more pronounced and a slave may find some aspects of her wardrobe, fitness regime, or nutritional needs controlled, as well as many others.


Owners take responsibility over pets. This may involve getting them hitched to a cart if we’re talking pony play, or it may involve a stroke and cuddle in front of the fireplace if we’re talking kitty play. There doesn’t have to be a sexual element involved. The animals are many and varied, such as horses, cats, dogs, pigs, etc.


Pets often have a more passive role in a BDSM relationship than a typical submissive, and as a general rule they do not speak. They are allowed to display emotions such as happiness or anger, and they can communicate via body language, but they usually try to maintain the characteristics of the animal that they are trying to portray.

Some enthusiasts enjoy the latex costumes and props, others like the peaceful headspace it gives them, and some are there for the humiliation. It all depends on what turns you on.


This is where the dominant has more than one sexual or romantic relationship simultaneously. It is a consensual arrangement, and all parties are aware of each other, though not necessarily intimately. This differs to sexual promiscuity, as the persons involved are usually long-term lovers.


This is an intense or ultimate form of submission where the ‘slave’ gives over most or all of their free will to a Master/Mistress. It is often a 24/7 arrangement and requires an impressive amount of devotion to fulfill. The slave may find her wardrobe arrangements being taken care of, her nutritional and fitness needs dictated, and she may also be called upon to serve others.

Read The Full Article Here

#SatSpanks – You’ll Need To Learn To Control That #BDSM

Saturday Spankings

Hello Spankos and welcome to the Saturday with a little bit more stingy bite. I’m sharing another snippet from ‘The Velvet Chair,’ so it’s bound to be naughty, if you get my drift…


The Velvet Chair

It didn’t take long before he had me squirming in heat. His tongue was far too talented, and when you combined that with ten very dextrous fingers, I was lost. The velvet ropes at my wrists felt like they were burning into my skin as I tried to toss and turn upon the bed, but there was no relief from the vicious onslaught. In less than two minutes I had reached that amazing precipice that generally promised to deliver exquisite pleasure, but Mark appeared to know my body better than I did. As soon as my body stiffened, he withdrew all contact and watched me as I panted, heaved and screamed with frustration.

“You’ll need to learn to control that, darling. From this moment forward, your pleasure belongs to me. If you please me, I might let you orgasm. If you displease me, there will be consequences – most often a punishment. Today you haven’t managed to please me.”

He looked down at me with such utter contempt, that for a moment I was frozen.

That’s all for this week folks! Head on over to the Sat Spanks Blog Spot for lots more juicy tales!

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How To Strip With Jess Wilde! #Strip #Video

I’m loving the little sexpert sessions with Jess Wilde… and here’s one on how to perform a strip tease and tantalise your lover… it’s worth a good giggle, right?

Learn how to perform a sexy striptease with Sammi Cole and Jess Wilde.

Former burlesque performer, Jess, joins Sammi on this week’s Undie Mondays to give you the hottest tips on how to perform a sultry striptease that’ll give your partner a Christmas to remember.



Your ABC Guide to the World of BDSM Part I #BDSM #Kink


Original Article Written By Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine

If you’re just discovering the world of BDSM, there’s a whole bunch of kinky terms and words that you’ve probably never heard of. Fear not! Here is your simple guide to understanding the basics…

Age Play

This is generally where one partner wants to take on a younger role. It could be a schoolgirl, a baby, a toddler, or a cheerleader. The other partner will assume the role of an elder, such as an experienced adult, a head teacher, babysitter, or a parent. This is where the Daddy and little girl dynamic can often be found, and power exchange tends to feature prominently in these scenes.

It doesn’t have to be about sex, though. Sometimes it instills a feeling of safety and security in the submissive, and the dominant gets his chance to pamper his lady and shower her with attention.


This is where you tie up or restrain someone, so you can have them at your complete and utter mercy. It might be silk scarves, rope, or handcuffs, but the end result is the same. It ranges from the very simple arms above the head technique, to the incredibly intricate rope ties seen in aerial bondage. The attraction is having your partner open or vulnerable, and begging for your attention. There’s also a certain something about rope being visually appealing against naked skin.

Again, it doesn’t always have to be sexual. In Shibari, the rope ‘artwork’ is often the key focus and some submissive’s enjoy the quiet headspace that being tied up brings.

Brat Tamer

A ‘brat’ is a submissive that goes out of her way to talk back, argue, or misbehave. The behavior is often playful in nature, but they generally require a firm hand. A ‘Brat Tamer’ is a dominant that thinks he can handle all their misdeeds and more. Whilst he has his work cut out for him, he usually enjoys it!


Some kinkster’s find arousal in degrading or demeaning their partner. They will often call them names and find ways to humiliate them, usually within a sexual context. Although their partner will have given his/her consent for this type of play, they will often be what are termed as a ‘slave’ or ‘pet.’ They thoroughly enjoy being mistreated and often beg for more of the same.


A dominant is someone who values being in control and enjoys taking charge of a situation. Sometimes referred to as a ‘top’ or ‘Master’ they call the shots with regards to sexual play and expect the other party in their relationship to tow the line. The idea is that their partner should submit to their will. If a submissive’s behavior is found wanting, they may to choose to deliver punishments, which can be many and varied in nature.

Read the FULL article HERE.

#MidWeekTease – Edging #BDSM


Howdy Teasers and welcome to another edition of the MidWeekTease! As most of you know, I’m sharing little snippets of my WIP ‘Sparks’ and today things are heating up 🙂



“Spread your legs.”

“I love it when you talk dirty, Sir.”

“What have we said about that sassy mouth of yours, Lois? It’s going to land you in trouble. The question is what kind of trouble? Shall we say ten edging sessions followed by an orgasm if you’re good?”

“What does ‘edging’ mean?” I asked suspiciously, slowly widening my legs upon the crisp white sheets of my double bed.

“It’s when your taken to the edge of orgasm, but not allowed to come. Basically, it’s a vicious form of teasing, but it does have its benefits.”

Raising an eyebrow, I waited for him to continue.

He took his own sweet time in replying, settling himself between my thighs, whilst happily blowing hot little breaths of air upon my sex and watching me quiver in delight. Honestly, I couldn’t help it. There was a hot man between my legs, who was amazing at just about everything he did between the sheets (or outside of them, for that matter) and my body was singing his praises, even if my mind still rebelled.

“When you’re finally allowed to come, things get a little more interesting than usual.” There was a heavier breath of air, and I jumped.

“Damn it, James.”

“Damn it, Sir. Actually, that should be, ‘Whatever you say, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir. Define interesting? Unless the idea is just to torment me silly, which you seem to excel at, by the way.” I shuffled up the bed, trying to escape the heat of his mouth. It was a fruitless endeavour, because he just moved higher up the bed himself.

“It isn’t a whole lot of fun for you, no. Well, not until the end.” He smirked.

“What aren’t you telling me?” My body did another involuntary shuffle and I hit the headboard. Damn it.

“You’ll find out soon enough. Okay, Lois, the rules are thus. If you play nicely and lie there perfectly still, I won’t cuff you. As an added incentive to lie still, I’ll also let you come at the end of the session, which you’ll want to do.”

“Says who?” I glowered at him.

“Trust me.” His tongue snaked out and caught my clit in a single, deep stroke. I was immediately in a whirlwind of oestrogen and progesterone, and nothing much else mattered any more.


Catch more delicious snippets at the MidWeekTease Blogspot!

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Madness on Monday! Head Dresses Up as Christian Grey for World Book Day #FiftyShades


Original Article by Steph Cockroft of the Mail Online

The head of a £18,000 private boarding school has outraged parents after joking about dressing up as bondage-loving Christian Grey from Fifty Shades for World Book Day.
Mike Burgess wrote in a newsletter to parents that he had channeled the BDSM-addicted character to mark the literary event at St John’s International School in Sidmouth, Devon.
He even told parents that he was disappointed when the children – some of whom are as young as two – did not realise who he was, ‘despite the sharp suit and contemptuous arrogance’.
Christian Grey is the male protagonist in the erotic book series Fifty Shades of Grey, which was turned into a film starring Jamie Dornan.
According to The Sun, Mr Burgess, a former banker, told parents about his fancy dress in a newsletter, before signing off as ‘Christian Grey.’
But the school has insisted Mr Burgess’s comments were simply a joke that backfired and that he did not dress up as the character.
In a statement, the school said: ‘It is our understanding that the alleged complaint concerns an article from Headmaster Mr Burgess. This featured a comment, which was intended to be humorous; we regret any offence that may have been taken which was clearly not the aim.

So a message to all headmasters and mistresses for that matter. Dressing up as Fifty Shades of Grey characters for your students is completely unacceptable 😉 Shame.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4338126/Parents-fury-school-head-dresses-Christian-Grey.html#ixzz4h3Fj3JoE
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