#WIPITUP Wednesday – Between a rock and a hard place – #BDSM


Hello again Wipsters! It’s me again. I’m super organised here and have posted this way in advance… so with any luck the goddamn book will be finished by now. If it isn’t, and you see me screaming in the corner somewhere… bring tissues.

sexy blond in beige silk dress sitting on the black armchair

The Velvet Chair

———- Mark —————-

Leyland and I were going to have to have a talk. When I said talk, I meant it in a dental extraction kind of friendly chat way. At the moment I wanted to pull every single one of his teeth out of his jaw and embed them somewhere rather delicate. When I’d foolishly signed Jennifer up for this, I had no idea he was a participating Dom. There must have been a last minute change or I would never have agreed to it. While I would be the first to admit I wasn’t exactly thinking clearly at the moment, I wasn’t completely deranged, either.

Toying with the idea of marching downstairs and demanding Jennifer be released from the competition, I tried to control my rising fury. I knew no-one would entertain releasing her now, not after the reaction of the crowd a few moments ago, and there wasn’t a soul who wouldn’t believe she didn’t want to be here after their little ‘show’ at the end. I also knew that everything would be in lock down by now, and no amount of yelling or shouting would get me anything other than kicked out of the front door.

Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck. She was never going to forgive me for this. It was certainly going to take public humiliation to a whole new level.

Although it pained me to admit it, the only thing I could do now was watch and suffer, and be there for her at the end.

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The Ropes Have Started To Bite #BDSM #Poetry


The quiet before the storm

I can feel my anticipation build

Through thunder and lightning

Nail scratching and biting

All I can think about is being filled

The ropes have started to bite

My corset is cutting my skin

I couldn’t care less

I feel no distress

All I want is for our scene to begin

Burrowing into the covers

Dribbling with pent up desire

I hear my heart beat

Feel my cheeks start to heat

And as you enter, I almost expire


Sweet Submission by Maddie Taylor #NewRelease #BDSM



Sweet Submission by Maddie Taylor



Giada Trent’s job as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company has all but consumed her, and after ten years of marriage her husband, Ian, has finally decided it is time to take matters into his own hands. He makes it clear that she has blown off his attempts to rekindle their romance one too many times, and from now on she will make room in her life for him or she will find herself over his knee for a long, hard spanking on her bare bottom.

Ian’s bold dominance awakens Giada’s desires in ways she hasn’t felt in years, and soon she is blushing like a newlywed and quivering with desire as her firm-handed husband reminds her how pleasurable it can be to surrender to his mastery of her body. But just as their passion for one another starts to truly catch fire, a cruel, dishonest man who hurt Giada long ago returns to cause trouble for her once again. Can she find a way to put her painful past behind her forever before it tears apart everything she has worked so hard to build?

Publisher’s Note: Sweet Submission is a stand-alone sequel to Sweet Salvation and Sweet Surrender. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.



By the time the sound of his bare feet slapping against the tiles reached her ears, she was posed on her knees, bare bottom resting on her heels with her hands on her thighs. Her eyes were closed and her face was lifted into the light breeze blowing in from the sea. A soft smile of pleasure curved her lips as she savored the caress of warm air on her skin and her body’s instant response as her nipples hardened.

“Absolutely stunning.”

Her lashes flew up. Ian stood in front of her, the moon’s light behind him casting his face into darkness. He dropped something on the lounger beside her. Her eyes shifted, seeing a coil of nylon rope, which signified his playful mood. Bending to her, his fingers curved around her neck as he pulled her up, still on her knees but off her heels. He took her mouth, his demanding tongue sinking in and searching out every warm recess, sending the pit of her stomach into a wild swirl.

They were both out of breath when he ordered, “Stand up.”

A little unsteady, she had to rely on him to keep her from pitching over as she rose shakily to her feet. “Arms wide,” was his next command, his urgency and obvious desire for her making her tingle pleasantly all over.

With quick efficient movements, he fashioned a rope harness around her body, the crisscross design making her breasts, already swollen with need, stand out even more. They bulged lewdly when he positioned her arms behind her back, crossing and binding forearm to forearm, wrist to opposite elbow.

When he tied the last knot, he skimmed his hands lightly over her protruding flesh, the tips of his fingers circling her rock-hard aching nipples, as he spoke in her ear.

“Nothing too tight or pinching?”

“No, sir, except my nipples are so tight, they feel like they’re going to shoot right off my body.”

With a firm pinch, he compressed the hard tips until she arched into his hold and his name came out in a pleasure-filled moan.

“Mm. Lucky me, my submissive has the most beautiful and most responsive breasts in the world.” Pressing harder, he added a roll and a small tug. “How does that feel, better?”

“Hardly,” she gasped.

“I could stop,” he offered, releasing the pressure.

“No, please, don’t.”

“But I want to torment so many other neglected parts. Maybe these will help.”

From somewhere he produced a pair of tweezer clamps. As he fastened one tightly on the first nipple, she asked between pants, “Where are you finding this stuff? Are the owners BDSM friends of yours?”

“The rental agent is an old friend; he left us a kinky care package. He knew it would be embarrassing to bring cuffs, rope, and clamps through airport security.”

“How kind of him,” she said dryly.

Ian chuckled, giving the first clamp a little flick, setting the little bells to ringing. “These are very pretty. I’ll have to get you a pair when we get home. I’d enjoy keeping you naked and hearing you jingle as you move around the house.”

The only thing that stopped an ill-advised eye roll was the hiss that passed her lips as he applied the other clamp. With both breasts adorned prettily, his hands curled beneath the lower curves of each one, balancing their weight on his palms before releasing them. As the tinkle of the bells and her groans mingled, the grin curving his mouth was one of pure delight.

Next, he steered her to the foot of the lounger, lowering her with his firm grip on her shoulders. “On your back, knees spread. I’m hungry for a taste.”


Excerpt 4: Explicit


They were in the foyer still removing their coats. She’d made them late insisting on going home to change although Ian had said she was beautiful in what she was in. Despite it being a nice compliment, it hadn’t eased her distress in the least. As he slipped her spring coat from her shoulders, she reminded him of the facts. “You’re taking the blame on this one, Ian, because no way was I having dinner with my parents without panties.”

“Sorry, baby.” His self-satisfied grin said he wasn’t sorry in the least. “My suggestion,” he added close to her ear, “keep a stash in a desk drawer; you’re gonna need ‘em.”

His chuckle earned him a shove.

Ian had done exactly as he’d said, arriving in her open doorway at noon. She had thought he’d been teasing, and wasn’t naked as he’d ordered. Seeing her on the phone, he closed and locked the door, then stalked to her. That was the only way she could describe his long determined stride while wearing a hungry expression on his face. He hadn’t cared that she was still having a conversation. His fingers made short work of the buttons on her blouse despite her attempts to try to push them away. The front hook of her bra had come next. When he bared her breasts and started rolling and pinching her nipples, she’d made an excuse and quickly ended the call.

He hadn’t allowed a murmur of protest as he stood her on her feet and bunched up her skirt to her waist. With a snap, he got rid of her soaking wet panties. Then she was flat on her back on her desk, with his face between her thighs. With one hand in his hair, Giada used the heel of her other to muffle her own cries as he brought her to a fast, stunning orgasm. But that wasn’t the quickie he had in mind, far from it.

His mouth glistened with her juices as he rose and took his place between her spread legs. He surged into her and pumped long and hard until she once again lost all control. During her second climax, he kissed her as she came and tasted herself on his tongue. And this time, with him gripping her hips, the glorious length of his cock driving into her, he joined her.

After he straightened his clothes, he’d left her naked in a post-coital daze on her desk. His parting words were said against her trembling lips: “Best lunch date ever, love. See you at seven.”

She’d laid there for minutes, her arms and legs like jelly until a noise in the hall changed all that in an instant. Had Ian remembered to lock the door on his way out? As she sat bolt upright, her panicked eyes homed in on the knob and she blew out a sigh of relief when she saw that it was. It wasn’t until she’d peeled herself off her desk and started putting her clothes to rights that she saw her ripped panties on the floor.

As she watched him now, while hanging up their coats, she could still feel his presence inside her, and damn if she didn’t want him again.



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I think the most important thing to take home from this little picture, is that not all candles are made equal. Make sure that your wax has a low melting point, and if in doubt, test it on yourself first.


Special wax play candles can be bought from a variety of sex stores – try UBER KINKY for a good selection. It’s also worth noting that the higher level you drop the wax from, the less painful it will be for your submissive, as the wax will cool on its downward flight.

When preparing for a wax play scene, make sure you have some old sheets down or a plastic liner – because getting wax out of your bedsheets might not be a fun game. Also make sure there is somewhere safe to put your candle in between your play. Setting fire to the carpet is no one’s idea of a good time.

Play safe and have fun!

#SatSpanks – A spot of #chocolate food play! BDSM NSFW


Hello Spankos and give a cheer. You’ve finished another week and the weekend is here! Hurrah!


The Ties That Bind

Will Mark Matthews accept Redcliff’s terms for his daughter’s release, surrendering both body and mind to the enemy? Petal’s sanity depends upon the fact, for in the sixth and final book of Pony Tales she is to discover that the fate in store for her at Albrecht is not a pretty one.

Shipped off to Leyland Forbes in a steel cage, the pony-girl will have to endure all sorts of imaginative bondage and BDSM at his palatial manor, as her body is photographed intimately by several of the world’s top photographers. As the day progresses she will find herself taken out to dinner in chains, before being cleverly and expertly divested of her virginity.

Trouble awaits when she returns to the stables, however. One of the trainers has taken a monstrous dislike to her and intends to prove his superiority, both in the dungeon and beyond.

Escape is beginning to seem like an impossible dream…

“Oh God,” whispered Marianna, who was now desperately wishing she had uttered her safe word when the opportunity had presented itself.

Mark teased her, swirling the chocolate tip around her navel, watching as her flesh quivered in need. “What shall I write? Hmm…” The cigarello hovered in mid-air for a moment as he considered his canvas and then it teased her bottom lip. “Suck, precious, for I have a feeling I am going to need a lot of ink.”

Obediently Marianna sucked the chocolate into her mouth and he helped its progress by thrusting it gently inside her, letting her get a taste for the dark, yet beautifully sweet flavour. He let her have a good suck and when he pulled it out again, she whispered, “It’s spicy.”

“And here was me thinking you weren’t paying attention earlier. Yes, they’ve introduced a little chilli to pepper the strong taste, and I think it works quite well. There are parts of you that might disagree with me later, but that’s by the by. Now… as to writing…”


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Make Your Own Aphrodisiac! #Sex and #Food ~ Weekend Fun ~

Felix Fang is in Ojai, California to meet with modern-day medicine man and herbalist Mark Highlove. For centuries, stories have circled the globe about an alleged “love potion”—a magical mixture of chemicals and components that provoke a love-induced state. Inspired by the lore, Mark Highlove has concocted an aphrodisiac-inspired elixir of love using rare ingredients from around the world: He calls it “Highlove Vitality.”

Mark shows Felix how to make his “love potion,” and then Felix joins him for an intimate tea party with his friends to see if the elixir actually has an aphrodisiac effect.

So, I know you all want to know if you can make Mark’s LOVE JUICE at home for yourself and test out the theory of whether it actually works. So guys, there’s some GOOD NEWS! You can. He shows you, ingredient-by-ingredient, how you can make your own aphrodisiac and… even better news…. it’s good for MEN & WOMEN! Woot.

Apparently making the aphroteasiac  is all part of the foreplay and should deliver some warm tingles to all the parts that count.

You guys are going to be having so much fun this weekend… get those pots boiling over, okay? 😉

Blow by blow accounts are always welcome in the comments section, you know that right?

Exploring the world of Puppy Play #BDSM

puppyplay1.jpgBy JamesMichael Nicols of The Huffington Post

“Puppy Play” is a subset of BDSM culture that involves a person or persons taking on the “primal” role and mentality of a canine and exploring nonhuman desires and headspace via that experience.

Those who belong to the Puppy Play community may express their interest in and/or relationship with the fetish in many different ways, including donning fetish gear and the establishment of alternative kinship systems called packs, which are modeled after wild dog or wolf packs.

“Alpha, Beta, Omega” is a new photography seriesby artist Zak Krevitt currently on display in Brooklyn that elevates and explores communities engaging in this practice, while bringing conversations about puppy play into the mainstream.
”I think that anytime you reject the status quo, that is [inherently] queer,” Krevitt told The Huffington Post. “In this case, [it is] a rejection of the the human and an adaptation of the primal. We’re not queering sexuality or gender per se, but we are queering one’s humanity, and that’s really an intriguing negotiation for me to dive into through the work. On a more literal note, the Puppy Play community is largely made up of LGBT folk. I think since we are more used to alternative sexuality, we are less bound by societal norms when it comes to exploration into kink and BDSM.”

The Huffington Post chatted with Krevitt this week to learn more about “Alpha, Beta, Omega,” his interest in Puppy Play fetish communities and why providing space for exploring this range of desire is important for queer people.
The Huffington Post: How did this project come about?

Over the last year, I’ve been exploring my personal interests in Puppy Play the best way I know how ― through photography. It started when I crawled my way out of a panic attack by reverting to a primal headspace and playing fetch with my partner. After I calmed down, and came back into my human headspace, I immediately hopped onto google to see if this was a common practice. I was shocked and delighted to find that there was such a rich community surrounding this, the Puppy Play community.
I discovered a local group, NYC-PAH, who happened to be having their annual camping trip the next weekend. I signed up, heart racing, nervous, excited and confused. I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. I had never met these people and suddenly I was to spend 72 hours with them, naked in the woods. I crystallized this cacophony of emotion and information through photography. After that initial trip, I approached VICE with the idea of exploring this community in a positive light. They agreed, and helped me attend several conventions around the country where I made the majority of the work in “Alpha, Beta, Omega.”
Let’s say whoever is reading this knows nothing about the Puppy Play community ― can you offer some context and background about this subculture? Why do people do this?

Puppy Play, while born out of the Old Guard leather scene, has become its own community in recent years. It is focused around a primal headspace, often referred to as “Pup space,” that many find extremely comforting. This is the highly sought after mindset where you eschew your human condition and assume the simplified headspace of a dog or young puppy. Out of headspace, many pups choose to participate in the larger Puppy community, utilizing social media and IRL meet-ups to connect with each other, show off their gear, disseminate knowledge to newbies, and in some cases, form Packs. A Pack is a family unit, modeled after wild dog or wolf packs, tinted with a classic BDSM power exchange.
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