#SatSpanks – The #Latex Catsuit! Hot Sexy BDSM * NSFW *


Hello Spankos and welcome to another filthy, dirty weekend with Christina. C’mon, you’ll fall over in shock if I said I was going vanilla, right? Well, there’s no chance of that happening…


A Rough Ride

Picking up the rubber suit that he had been carefully adjusting, the vet came to stand behind Jenny. “I’m going to need help getting her into this,” he said, and laying the item of clothing on the floor behind her body, he grappled with the left leg while Mark had some fun with the right. Stretching the black material as wide as it would go in their strong fingers, they slowly slid the elastic fabric along her calves and up to her knees. She did not fight them – mainly because she could not summon up enough energy for the task.

“The suit encompasses two generous plugs, both of which will pulse, vibrate and elongate at random intervals. It also features a clitoral stimulator and massager, which will tease our little pony to the brink of orgasm again and again over her forty-eight hour period of confinement, tormenting her to exacting standards. She will not be allowed to orgasm. The tiny wires that run around the latex suit will measure her heart rate, breathing rate, temperature, the contractions of both her vagina and anus, and the engorgement level of her labia. When combined these indicators give a very accurate idea of impending orgasm and the suit will shut off all stimulation for at least two minutes, allowing the subject to adequately calm down before its insidious torment may begin again.”



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BDSM101 – The Bolero Straightjacket #BDSM & Restraints

I’ve just found something really pretty AND sexy… in a leather, latex and PVC kinda way. It’s called the Bolero straightjacket… and whilst the arms are fastened around the body in the traditional way, there’s something a little bit different about this baby.

Get it at STOCKROOM.COM for $455.

My favourite is the latex bolero jacket from STOCKROOM, but you’re going to have to save up for that one at $455. THE BONDAGE LOCKER also does a great number at a more reasonable price, though this is the UK site (hopefully there’s a US version?) at £29.99.

bd-1013-228x228.jpegAvailable from THEBONDAGELOCKER.COM and priced at £29.99

So the question is would you wear one? Or… would like to squeeze your submissive into one?

It has a deliciously naughty feel to it, doesn’t it? Might have to get Jennifer Redcliff into one of these babies… 😀



The Bolero Straightjacket has extra long, glove-like sleeves that extend past the fingertips. The arms are wrapped across the chest and fastened at the back. It’s cropped length makes it unique, allowing most of the chest and back to be revealed. D-rings are usually added to provide points for attachment. Some will also come with a crotch strap.

What’s not to like?


80% of Women are TURNED ON by BDSM? #BDSM

2259926 beautiful brunette with long tanned legs looking at came

Article by Debra McLeod of the Huffington Post

Ever since reading a recent survey in the UK’s Daily Mail, I’ve had that old Depeche Mode song in my head: “Let’s play Master and Servant.” According to the survey, almost 80% of women and 90% of men are excited by the domination and submission theme of the 50 Shades trilogy. Why? Well, kinky sex has inherent appeal, but straight-laced statistics offer another explanation.

If the average couple has sex 2-3 times a week, by their tenth anniversary, they will have had sex over fifteen hundred times. That’s not a bad thing, unless fourteen hundred of those have been in the same place, in the same positions and with the same twists, turns and tweaks. When a couple toys with the playful side of domination and submission, they are able to behave — and have their partners behave — in a way that is unfamiliar and unexpected. That’s when sex is most exciting.

Unfortunately, there is little physical variety or mental arousal in the bedrooms of many long-term couples, and that’s my definition of vanilla sex. It has less to do with sexual puritanism and more to do with a bland sexual experience. Despite its innocuous name, vanilla sex can make couples ask serious questions about their relationship. Have we lost our spark? Are we falling out of love? Is my partner bored with me? Such doubts can chip away at solid relationships.

For many couples, mainstream BDSM can add flavor to vanilla sex. The novelty of physical sensations, combined with the mental eroticism of sexual power-plays, brings a tantalizingly taboo element to sex. It is that type of eroticism that I discuss in 50 Ways to Play: BDSM for Nice People, a “how-to” book that helps women make the leap from fantasy erotica into real-life sexplay, thereby kick-starting the sexual connection of long-term couples.

Read the original article to find 8 BDSM moves to spice up your sex life tonight! 😉

#WIPITUP Wednesday – Dark Fantasy #BDSM


Hello Wipsters – it’s that the time of the week again where I show you what Mark and Jennifer Redcliff are up to. It’s all good – I mean bad – and it’s only going to get worse. Can there be a happy ending for these two one day? I don’t know… but I am considering it 😀

The Velvet Chair

sexy blond in beige silk dress sitting on the black armchair

My conscience was attacking me with bloody knives and heavy claw hammers. The clashing noise in my head was almost painful. Normally I am supremely confident in everything that I do, but even I had misgivings about this evening. We were headed to Escape, a BDSM dungeon that was located in a large warehouse on the outskirts of London. Tonight’s themed event was Dark Fantasy and all the submissives taking part would have been warned accordingly. All except my wife, of course. I helped sponsor the event, so no one would think to check with me whether Jennifer had signed the necessary consent forms. It would be taken as a given. I’d been in the scene so long, no one would doubt that I hadn’t made my wife tick all the boxes and agree to all the things that were about to happen to her. Hell, I’d even faked her signature on the necessary documentation. As she was new to the scene they had nothing to compare it to, so I had no need to worry on that score. Only now, ten minutes before we were due to arrive, did I begin to question my integrity.

I was about to deliver the worst mind-fuck of Miss Redcliff’s life. The other submissives would be aware that they were being manipulated, and although they wouldn’t know the exact details, they’d know it was a game. Jennifer was going to take everything at face value. It would be a brutal awakening for her and it would more than likely screw her up for a few months. Could I do that to someone? I guess that depended on how desperate I was to achieve my end game, and to be fair I was pretty desperate. The girl needed to go. The evening planned tonight was almost guaranteed to have her running off screaming into the ether, but she’d probably need counselling for a few weeks after. I looked at my Rolex and the dials swam before my eyes. I could call a halt to things now, have the limo turned around and be back at Fountaine Blue before I knew it.

We rounded a corner and Escape came into view. The time to act was now. Once someone saw my face, I’d have a hard time explaining why I needed to leave so abruptly. What was I going to do?

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Let’s talk #sploshing! #BDSM

Kimberly Kane visits a fetish studio in Downtown Los Angeles to meet Mistress Shae, a professional dominatrix who is known for her flair for food. She’s made an art and a business out of helping others explore the erotic world of sploshing—a food fetish that arouses all of your senses and every part of your body from head to toe. Kim spends the day with Mistress Shae learning that sploshing involves the smearing, wiping, slapping, throwing, and drizzling of food products on the body, and then gives the practice a try herself.

So I have a question… would you try it? 🙂

#MasturbationMonday – Learning How To Beg – PonyPlay & #BDSM

Masturbation Monday.jpg

Hello again and a bit shout out for MOAN DAY! Here’s a little sexy naughtiness to brighten up any old Monday 😉


A Rough Ride

“I don’t think she knows how to beg, Domingo,” said Amand, who began running his shaft teasingly along her upper lip. A drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip and the salty tang had her mouth- watering.

Domingo was now using his rather impressive tongue to trail a wet path down her ass cheeks, before he used his big, meaty hands to spread them wide open and admire the tiny, gaping hole before him. “Amand, I’m hungry, you’re hungry. Tell the pony how to beg.” His lips gently circled the tight, puckered rose bud and Jenny squirmed madly. “UUuunngggh!” Her hips tried to buck away from him, but she was held tightly in place. It was incredibly pleasurable. When he thrust his tongue slowly inside her, she nearly dissolved into a big puddle on the floor.

“You’re an animal. You need to beg like one. As you can’t use your hooves, you need to use your tongue. I want you to thrust that tongue out as far as it can go and when I’m satisfied you’ve got the look just right, I’ll let you draw me inside you.” He dragged his cock along her lower lip and watched her body twitch in delight.

Jenny was quick to obey; thrusting her tongue outside the metal ring as far as it would go. She didn’t care about the humiliation, nor did she care about her audience. Her thoughts centred solely on Amand and Domingo.

“Wouldn’t she look great with her hooves begging upwards in supplication, Domingo?” Pleading for the chance to suck and service us? Do you think she would make a nice addition to our stable in a few months’ time?”

Domingo just laughed. “A few months? Try a few years. This one will wear black.”


Plenty more erotic stories can be found over at MasturbationMonday HQ!

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