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New Release! JAEGAR @GaleStanley #Paranormal #ManLove

 Jaegar is book 4 in the Hybrids series. They’re best read in order, but if you haven’t read the others, there’s enough backstory here to get you up to date.



Hybrids 4

 Genre: Alternative (M/M, Gay), Contemporary, Paranormal, Shape-shifters

Length: 21,876 words

Jaegar (267 x 400)


Panty-melting rocker Jaegar Nash is really a hybrid passing as human. Then, he falls for his bodyguard and discovers a jaguar can’t hide its spots.

Sexy Israeli bodyguard Abram Galante can’t resist his attraction to Jaegar, but when he finally makes his move, he puts them both in danger.

When the existence of hybrids was exposed to the world, their creator, Dr. Joseph Shepard, fled to Russia. Now, he’s back in the States and working for Brian Abbot, CEO of a biotech company. With the fear of terrorism so widespread, Shepard and Abbot know the timing is right to create a new army of super soldiers.

And they plan to start with Jaegar Nash.

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Jaegar knew he should throw Bram out of his room, the man could be a bounty hunter in disguise, but lust was the enemy of reason. He wanted Bram. Wanted him bad. And he could rationalize it easily. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. It was crucial to find out exactly what Bram knew, and it might be even more important to learn his strengths and weaknesses. That knowledge could be critical to Jaegar’s survival. “Maybe you’re right, Bram.”

“I know I am. I love my job, but my life has been all work and no play. I always thought if I took a risk the sky would fall.

“And what if it does?”

“I think it might be worth it.” Bram leaned in as if he were about to—

Jaegar was totally shocked by the kiss. He’d fantasized about Bram for months, but in his dreams Bram’s lips were always on his cock. He never imagined how warm and soft Bram’s lips would feel against his. Seconds later, Bram took the heat level up a notch. His tongue pressed for entrance, and Jaegar opened his mouth with a low purr. Electricity sparked in the air. The world shifted. Everything changed. It was terrifying and beautiful at the same time. No other act had ever felt so intimate. Bram pulled him closer and deepened the kiss as if he wanted to swallow Jaegar whole. All rational thought disappeared. Only feelings and sensations remained. Jaegar needed to touch Bram. He slipped his hands under Bram’s shirt and gripped his strong back, moaning at the contact.

The kiss went on and on. Jaegar never wanted it to end, but finally they came apart. Bram rested his forehead against Jaegar’s and they both inhaled deeply.

Jaegar wasn’t prepared for these feelings. He had no idea a kiss could feel so sensuous and intimate. “Bram?”

“I know. I feel the same.” Bram sat back. “Can I stay?”

Way past the point of saying no, Jaegar nodded. Bram stood and started removing his clothes. Jaegar watched for a few seconds, and then got up to close the drapes. The room was dim, but not dim enough to hide the feral features that became more pronounced in the heat of passion. Jaegar’s eyes would intensify to a unique shade of amber and his pupils turned into slits. Few had ever noticed, but Jaegar had a ready excuse. He explained it away by saying he had coloboma, a congenital defect in humans. Trying to hide his subtle differences had become second nature. He climbed onto the bed and assumed the position.

Bram chuckled. “Does this mean you want me to top?”

“You said you wanted to fuck me.”

“Oh, yeah. I want to fuck you until you can’t stand, but what do you want?”

Jaegar inhaled slowly, impatient to feel the big man mount him. He was pleased that Bram gave him a choice, but his ass clenched with the desire to be filled. “Fuck me, Bram.”

“My pleasure.”

Screen Shot 01-17-17 at 05.58 PM

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Author Bio and Links

Gale Stanley grew up in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil.

Some things never change.

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#MasturbationMonday – #Tattoo, Pain, & The Butterfly Chair – BDSM! NSFW!

Masturbation Monday

Hello Moan Day’ers. It’s time for another sexy Monday spot. Will it hit the spot? Well… you tell me?


The Velvet Chair

The noise in my head was interrupted by the sound of the butterfly chair being wheeled into the room by two heavies, and Angel followed close on its heels. I was thankful for the distraction. It focused me and my control was a fragile thing at the moment.

“Sir, how can I be of assistance?” Angel curtsied prettily, dressed in nothing more than fine, almost transparent silver mesh. Her petite frame looked stunning as usual, with her dark black hair dragged back into a high ponytail and bright orange lips to boot. It only added to her appeal. Usually I would be thinking of hauling her over the nearest piece of furniture and fucking her silly, but those thoughts were strangely and almost painfully absent. I now had eyes for only one woman. Get it together, Matthews, I berated myself.

“I want a tattoo, or rather Jennifer would like a tattoo.” I enunciated the word carefully, so she wouldn’t miss my meaning.

“Of course you do,” she said, without missing a beat. What design or wording would you like, Sir?”

I pretended to think about that for a moment, but in reality all the details of tonight’s thoroughly orchestrated performance were carefully filed away in my head.

“Words, I think. Hmm, let’s see.” My hand rubbed itself across my jaw and pulled at my lips. Finally, I clicked my fingers as the words apparently came to me. “Sir’s Slut.”

Jennifer immediately rocked on her knees, and she spluttered heavily for a moment, making me wonder if she was going to hold it together. It took her a few long seconds, but somehow she managed to calm herself. I have no idea how she did it. I’d have run half a mile had someone threatened to write something of that nature on my face. What was keeping her here? There was something I was missing. A really big something.

“And you’d like her fastened into the chair, Sir?”

“Yes. I think it will help with the pain if she is pleasured at the same time.”


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#50Shades Of Hay! #BDSM & PonyPlay

Beautiful Legs In Black Leather Horseman Boots With Riding-Crop

Original Article by Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine

Pony Play, also known as animalism or pet play, is a BDSM animal role-play. There are many forms of animal role-play – cats, dogs and pigs to name but a few, but one of the most popular pet play fetishes is pony play.

What is pony play?

It’s where one person dresses up as a horse or acts like a horse and another takes on the responsibility of trainer. The role-play will often encompass erotic elements between the horse and partner. Often associated with BDSM because it contains many elements of dominance and submission, pony play has gathered quite a following in the past few years. When Anne Rice’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ books hits our screens shortly, it’s about to gather a lot of new attention.

Aristotle is claimed to have enjoyed being ridden like a horse, and sometimes pony-play is termed ‘The Aristotelian Perversion.’

When did it all begin?

The earliest published images of animal role-play were released in 1946 and were the work of John Willie, who placed them in the Bizarre magazine. The origins of pony play probably date much earlier than that in non-sexual contexts because it was commonly found in tribal cultures, where members might take on the spiritual or physical role of the animal they were hunting. This can be found depicted in ancient cave paintings.

Animal play in modern day life

The most common form of animal play today is the ‘catgirl.’ Made famous for her skin-tight latex costumes in Batman, a standard catgirl will have pointed ears, a tail and whiskers. She will regularly be seen preening and licking her paws, and acting coquettishly. The roll was initially associated with timidity and submission, but the latter versions of catgirl have placed her as smart, cunning, and having more than her fair share of nine lives.

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#SatSpanks – Pumpkins, Potatoes, and Carrots #BDSM

Saturday Spankings

Hello folks and welcome to another edition of Saturday Spankings! I’m back with The Velvet Chair… hope you enjoy the snippet 😉


The Velvet Chair

My name is Mark Matthews. I own half of London, and the part I don’t own, I’m working on.

Life was all going swimmingly well until Michael Redcliff entered my life, demanding that I marry his daughter. Actually, swap demand for blackmail. He’s got goods on me that I want no one else to see, so for the time being I need to be his little lapdog.

I’ll marry his daughter. I’ll give him all the status, money and power he can handle… for as long as it takes me to get a divorce. You see, I can’t renege on our little arrangement – but she can. I give her a week. One week and she’ll be screaming the place down for her legal counsel.

I am never wrong.


“How long did all of this take you to plan darling? You seem to have outdone yourself, pumpkin.” If she winced at my term of endearment, no one appeared to notice. They were all too intent on perfecting their own display of grandeur.

“You know exactly how long it took to plan, potato, but thank you kindly.” Although her smile was sweet and adoring, the sarcasm and acerbic tilt of her voice was a little hard to miss.

“That has just earned you a spanking, my feisty little carrot. Speaking of carrots, I believe I might tie you up in the kitchen when we get home.” Fuck the staff at the Savoy, I’m sure they’d heard worse and they were trained to be discreet in any case.


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Why We’re Embracing The Darkness With #50Shades

9270477 Photo of beautiful young business womanBy Christina Mandara writing for MARQUIS MAGAZINE

The trailer for Fifty Shades Darker sees Anastasia Steele taking off her panties in a swanky restaurant, whilst Grey casually sips a glass of champagne. Pulse rates are going to be pounding in cinemas across the country and they’d better roll out the plastic covers for those seats. Steele is going to be slammed against the shower wall, find a hand up her skirt in an elevator, and they’re just appetizers for the main event.

There’s no question that the movie is going to be a box office hit, and if you were in any doubt, you just need to take a look at the original novel, which is still dominating the book charts over four years since its release. Although the first film Fifty Shades of Grey attracted a lot of negative attention from critics, feminists, psychologists, and half the rest of the population of the world, its hype has not died down. Why?

The Fifty Shades Phenomenon

People don’t want to admit that they like kinky sex. It’s a bit like announcing you just robbed a bank in polite society. We still don’t like talking about sex. Even now, with a sexual revolution on our hands, most of us have absolutely no idea what Fifty Shades is about, right? Ahem.

Whether we admit to it or not, nearly $600 million dollars was taken in global box office receipts for Fifty Shades, and there’s no reason to believe that Fifty Shades Darker won’t attract just as much attention. With adult sex toy sales booming, people are actively searching to recreate the sex scenes they have just read about or watched. If that wasn’t enough proof, next generation vibrators are being produced to vibrate in sync with the audio stories, maxing out the vibes for the really steamy parts. Oh la la!

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#MidWeekTease – Sparks & #BDSM


Howdy Teasers! You’ve made it to the middle week and now it’s time to show you what I’ve been working on.  Remember Lois and James from Dirty Doms… well, Lois is getting back into the swing of things. With a bang.



“Remember that assignment we talked about a few months ago?” She looked at me expectantly. I wanted to roll my eyes. She knew I remembered. My memory was one of the reasons they’d hired me in the first place. Controlling the instinct, I smiled brightly.

“Yes.” It was the one I had been chomping at the bit to complete. Three weeks training in the art of kinky sex, then a leisurely stay in a millionaire’s mansion. That was my kind of assignment. Unfortunately, I’d missed the boat on that one. My psych report had been all over the place.

“We gave it to Janice.” She sat down at the head of the table and shuffled her files about. Looking at me from behind lowered lashes, she waited patiently for my reponse.

“Did she have fun?” I couldn’t help the sour look on my face. Janice and I were not the best of friends, and the fact that she had stolen a prize assignment from under my nose was certainly not the best news I had received today.

“As a matter of fact, she didn’t.” A calculating look ran across her face. “She didn’t manage to last a week, Lois.”

That put a smile on my face. “The millionaire ditched her?” It was wrong to take a huge amount of evil glee in someone’s downfall, but Janice was a special case. We had history.

“No, she never got that far. She didn’t last a week in training.” Miss Sharkey’s eyes devoured me as I digested that little snippet.

It certainly wiped the smile off my face.

“But Janice is one of the best operatives we have. How is that possible?”

“I have asked myself the same thing, Lois. Apparently some people just aren’t cut out for it, or so I’ve been told, which leads me to the question: would you like to have a shot at it?”


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BLACK LIGHT Valentine Roulette #NewRelease! Available on Amazon #KU!

Valentine Roulette 3Dx8 Cover v1.1_medium

Black Light: Valentine Roulette 

Price: $2.99 for a limited time on Amazon (and in Kindle Unlimited!)

Buy link Amazon US: http://tinyurl.com/heett97



Three hours. Four hard limits. Eight sexy stories.

Are you brave enough to spin the wheel?

Get ready to explore some of your naughtiest desires while you celebrate Valentine’s Day with eight kinky stories from eight USA Today and international bestselling authors! Black Light is the most exclusive BDSM club in Washington, D.C. and for one night they’re changing the rules of play to entertain their members with a game of chance – Valentine Roulette. Challenge and adventure awaits as these sexy dominants spin to win their submissives, and the subs spin to choose how they will play. Their prize if they last the night? One free month at Black Light, and for some of our daring participants… even a chance at love.

Enjoy over 200,000 words of edgy, romantic stories including:

Broken by Renee Rose

Revealed by Livia Grant

Wet by Jennifer Bene

Unbroken by Maren Smith

Unraveled by Addison Cain

Unmasked by Lee Savino

Stripped by Sophie Kisker

Bared by Measha Stone




Broken by Renee Rose

When the sub known as Slave to Pain spins ageplay, she rolls her eyes. Major Jennifer Riggs doesn’t do fluffy, or pigtails, or baby talk. Doesn’t need to be cuddled or held. She likes to get in and get out, where only her body gets hurt. And she already has the perfect dom – a sadist who gives it hard.

Derek, aka Master D, has been trying to break through his sub’s tough walls for months. When someone else lands her for the Roulette event, he takes matters into his own hands and swaps for his girl. Ageplay isn’t his thing, but this may be the perfect time to get past her defenses and give her the support she always shoves away. But when he pushes her past the breaking point, and she comes up swinging, Derek realizes he may have just lost the one sub who was the perfect match for him.

RENEE ROSE is an USA Today bestselling author and a naughty wordsmith who writes BDSM and spanking romance novels. She’s hit #1 on Amazon in multiple categories in the U.S. and U.K., is often found on the list of Amazon’s Top 100 Erotic Authors.


Revealed by Livia Grant

Actress Khloe Monroe’s life is spinning out of control. Surrounded by millions of fans, but she’s never felt more alone. When she seeks out an old friend, Chase Cartwright, she doesn’t expect his advice to be signing up for a daring game of Valentine Roulette in his secretive BDSM club.

CIA agent Ryder Helms doesn’t play at anything in life, especially sex.  He’s a sadist and a dominant to his core, so when the roulette wheel pairs him with the stunning actress, Khloe Monroe, a BDSM newbie, he’s surprised to find she’s the best gift he’s received in a long time. Dominating an experienced submissive was fun. Dominating an innocent was delicious.

The confidentiality of Black Light may protect Khloe from the paparazzi, but who will protect her from the devastatingly handsome, yet dangerous, Dom she’s been paired with?

LIVIA GRANT is an USA Today bestselling author who lives in Chicago with her husband and two sons… one a young man, the other a furry rescue dog named Max. Well-known for her deep character-driven plots, & incredible ensemble casts, she writes one hell of an erotic romance.


Unbroken by Maren Smith

Abby didn’t know what she’d first done to get on club dominant Newton’s bad side, but she went out of her way to earn the dark glowering looks he so loved to give her. Newton had no idea what he’d done to deserve it, but for two long years mischievous sub Abby had gone out of her way to make his life at the clubs a living hell.

Imagine her surprise when Newton also showed up with playbag in hand for Black Light’s first annual event. Imagine his dismay when he spun Abby’s name, attaching himself to her for the duration of the night.

If he thought for one second he could break her… If she thought for one second he was going to put up with it…

Valentine Roulette… let the games begin.

MAREN SMITH is an USA Today bestselling author with more than 20 years’ worth of books in print. She is well known for both her slightly twisted sense of humor and her unhealthy love affair with coffee. 



Wet by Jennifer Bene

Sienna doesn’t like to talk when she plays at a club. She likes to escape, to be treated like an object so she doesn’t have to think. It’s nice, it’s easy, and she can do it with just about anyone… or so she thought.

When she gets paired with Alexander, a Daddy Dom who insists on calling her ‘little girl’ and making her talk, she realizes that spinning a giant water tank for breath play is the least of her worries. Now, with every unanswered question, she’s plunged into icy water – but the tank isn’t the only reason she’s wet.

Pleasure and pain give Sienna’s temper a voice, but will it force her to connect with herself and the man whose talented hands she’s beginning to crave – or will she break under his touch? And if she does shatter, will Alexander be able to put his little girl back together?

JENNIFER BENE is an international bestselling author of dark and devious romance and erotica, in a variety of genres. She lives in Texas and loves wine, whiskey, BDSM, and keyboards – just not necessarily in that order.


Unraveled by Addison Cain

Spencer Cook, Black Light’s Dungeon Master, doesn’t tolerate impudence from anyone, especially not the Swedish ballbuster brought in to manage the club’s floundering bar. Klara Eriksson is a distraction, a vanilla outsider who has no place smiling at and chatting to the guests of D.C.’s elite BDSM club—especially when she has never once smiled at him.

Sending her packing escalates the issue. Klara finds her way back into Black Light as a last-minute participant in the Valentine Roulette party. Desperate to regain her job, Klara offers her ex-boss a wager. If she makes it through the night submitting to a stranger, he rehires her on the spot.

Whipping, breath play… Spencer is forced to watch as a well-known Sadist has his hands, his mouth, and his body all over the BDSM virgin he unwillingly craves. He wants Klara for himself. And Klara, well, she wants to understand why Spencer fills her thoughts each time her dom pushes her past pain and right into pleasure.

ADDISON CAIN is the author of the international bestselling Alpha’s Claim series. She has a penchant for dark themes and unrepentant lust. Heroes are villains, wrong is right, and concepts of obsession color her tales beyond simple black and white. 


Unmasked by Lee Savino

A ruthless master. A reluctant submissive.

Chessie hasn’t had an orgasm in a really, really long time, so when her roommate talks her into joining the Roulette game at a local BDSM club, she figures it’s worth a shot. What she doesn’t expect is to be paired with the handsome Senator Kane — a man she’s all too familiar with.

Can Chessie get over her prejudice against him — and her reluctance to submit to her inner desires — to achieve the pleasure she craves at the hands of Master Kane?

LEE SAVINO is an USA Today bestselling author of sexy, sexy romance living in Virginia with her husband and little boy. No matter what genre she writes in she loves to write books about strong women and the sexy men who love them.


Stripped by Sophie Kisker


Adam Quinn and Sari Friesen have been matched for Valentine Roulette.  He likes her curves and her smile.  She likes his dark eyes and his self-assured dominance. But life hasn’t been easy for either of them, and trust comes slowly.


If they can work together for three hours as dom and sub, through a hot wax scene, a whipping, and a capture fantasy, they’ll win the prize.


But the secret that one of them is keeping threatens to strip away the tenuous attraction that’s growing with every spank, whimper, and moan. At the end of the night, will there be anything left to salvage for a future?

SOPHIE KISKER is a bestselling author of erotic romance full of dominance and submission. They’re almost always dark, and sometimes uncomfortable, but they will always have a happy ending. She’s a true believer that romantic love and a riding crop make a great combination.


Bared by Measha Stone

Riley can’t remember the last time she played with a Top she couldn’t manipulate. That’s the problem. She wants something more than topping from the bottom, and she’s convinced herself that the Valentine Roulette event is the place to find it.

But when she’s paired up with her ex, her confidence waivers. Dane knows her too well, has been watching her for months, and he’s not going to give up this time. Will he be able to breach that wall she’s been building since she ran out on him all those years ago? Or will she run again, lose the game, and her chance at love?

MEASHA STONE is an author from the western suburbs of Chicago where she lives with her husband and children, who are just as creative and crazy as her. Her vanilla writing has been published in numerous literary magazines, but she’s found her passion in erotic romance.




Jennifer Bene’s ‘Wet’ – Medium length – PG-13

Alexander took the steps slowly, each of his shining shoes landing heavily before he continued. Once he was on the floor, he paced around her slowly, and she shifted her posture to ensure she was presenting in a proper kneel. “You are beautiful, little girl.”

Her teeth clenched, but she stayed silent, only letting out a gasp when he eased his fingers into her hair, gliding down to the back of her head before he gripped hard and made her look up at him.

“I want to know more about you.” He smiled slowly, a look that she was sure charmed most of his submissives. “Tell me something.”

“What would you like me to say, sir?” It was a plea for him to give her direction, to make it so she didn’t have to think, but he seemed determined to make her come up with her own answers.

“I want to know you, little one. Tell me something you like or don’t like.”

“I don’t like being called little girl, sir.” Sienna muttered, and he chuckled, tightening his fingers in her hair until little pinpricks of pain rushed over her skin.

“I already know that, and I’m enjoying it very much, little girl.” Pulling her to her feet, he pushed her to the stairs so that she climbed them in front of him, the angle of her neck growing uncomfortable. “Tell me something I don’t know.”

“Like what, sir?” she whispered, unsure what he was looking for as he planted her in the odd chair. Garreth had clearly slid it backwards on its track, because she was still able to put her feet on the floor for now, her toes just able to touch the damp edge of the cold tank.

Alexander leaned down to brush his lips across her shoulder, nudging her hair out of the way as his mouth grazed her neck before stopping beside the shell of her ear. “Tell me anything. I want to get to know you.”

Sienna found herself mute, because his intimate touch had sent her thoughts somewhere else, and it was hard enough to speak even when she was fully aware. No matter what he called her, Alexander was a Dom in the truest sense. It was evident in the sophisticated rumble of his voice, the commanding way he held his fist in her hair, and the possessive way he nipped at the skin just below her ear.

“Speak,” he growled, and her lips parted at his command, but she couldn’t make words form.

What would she even say? What could he possibly want to know about her? About her boring life?

“You’re a quiet one, aren’t you?” he asked rhetorically, releasing her hair to walk around her. With a firm grip he captured one ankle, lifting it to attach it to the cuff on the seat of the chair. “There’s only one problem with that…” Alexander came back to the other ankle, repeating the process so that her legs were folded in such a way that she seemed to be kneeling, thighs stretched wide, over the chair.

“Sir?” she managed to ask, and he chuckled behind her.

“I like to hear my subs talk, and you’re mine for the evening.” Capturing her wrists from where she’d been bracing on her legs, he pulled them to the back of the chair, cuffing them separately to either side so she couldn’t budge forward at all. “That means you’re going to talk, little girl. Even if I have to make you scream first.”

 Teaser 1

Renee Rose’s ‘Broken’ – Medium Length – R

She jerked when, suddenly, Master D appeared in front of her, his barrel chest clearly defined with muscles beneath his tight black T-shirt.

“Jesus, where’d you come from?”

Damn, he was stealthy for such a big guy.

He shoved her up against the wall, pinning her wrists above her head with one hand, the other gripping her jaw to hold her face in place. His thigh wedged between her legs, forcing her feet apart and giving her something to grind down on. “Did you wear that dress for them?” he growled.

A wave of knowing washed over her. Yep. He was going to see this as a betrayal. Something in her stomach knotted. She opted for a truth that wouldn’t piss him off.

“I bought it for you.”

The thumb of the hand gripping her jaw eased and slid over her skin, stroking her cheek. “Did you?” His voice was a purr now.

“Yeah.” She’d lost her breath. It always seemed to happen when he dominated her. Sometimes she hated herself for it—she wasn’t allowed to feel fear, after all. But, at some point, she’d drawn a line. The sub she became in Black Light was someone else. Someone who liked to surrender. Liked to get scared and excited by a man bigger than she was. It didn’t reflect on Major Jennifer Dibbs. It wasn’t a personality flaw—it was a kink. Just about sex and the way she liked to do it. Another reason to keep things separate and clean. She didn’t need her headspace to get fucked up by her kink.

He yanked the neckline of her dress down under her breasts. If the fabric hadn’t been so stretchy, it would’ve torn. He shoved the cups of her bra down next. “Are you going to let them see these pretty little boobies?”

Ouch. Yeah, they were little. She knew it. They weren’t her best asset. But she still didn’t love hearing them called little boobies. He probably guessed that, like he guessed everything about her. His hand cupped one, somehow making it seem bigger than it was by wrapping around to hold her muscle on the side, too. Bless the man.

“I- I don’t know.”

He arched a brow. “You don’t know?” His voice sounded incredulous. “Well, you’d better decide, little slave, or the decision will be made for you.”

Her head wobbled on her neck. “Probably,” she whispered.

His face turned stony. He pinched her nipple and twisted.

She shrieked and tried to rise up on her tiptoes, but he had her pinned too tightly.

“You will be punished for any and all transgressions I see tonight.”

What the fuck? They didn’t have any rules or arrangements for her to transgress against. But her pussy had just turned molten at his words, the idea of punishment at his hands so terribly exciting she didn’t care how unfair the statement had been.

He continued to hold her nipple in a tight twist, sending shards of pain sprinting out through her breast.

“Yes, sir,” she squeaked.

He waited one beat. Two. Then his grip on her breast and wrists eased, his palm massaging her wounded breast as he leaned over and bit her ear. “I’ll be watching,” he growled against her neck, then kissed it, his lips suddenly soft, the gesture oddly tender.

It made her knees go weak.

Good thing he was still holding her up.


Valentine Roulette Front Cover 

Livia Grant’s ‘Revealed’ – Medium – PG

The word ‘red’ sat at the end of her tongue, ready to fly out of her mouth. Before she used it, she instead demanded they re-roll to choose another submissive for the Dom. Chase shook his head apologetically, refusing to accommodate her wish.

When Mr. Helms stalked towards to the stairs as if he were going to drag her up on the stage with force, her feet finally moved. Khloe spun and started racing towards the exit, which was easier said than done. Cocktail tables full of spectators were in the walkway, slowing her down. She heard the commotion behind her and knew instinctively he was chasing after her. In a brief moment of clarity, she felt like Little Red Riding Hood, being chased by the big bad wolf through the dense woods.

She didn’t even make it half way to the door before muscular arms snatched her. One arm wrapped around her waist, yanking her to an abrupt stop. His other hand jammed into her long hair, snapping her head back so far it hurt. He squeezed her so hard that the last pockets of air left her, leaving her gasping while he ground his hips against her lower back, pressing his steely erection against her so hard she couldn’t have ignored it if she tried.

She’d expected him to yell at her, but he instead placed his lips against the shell of her left ear, his gravelly voice low enough for her ears only. “You’re not getting away from me, Miss Monroe. I won you fair and square. You may not know me, but believe me when I tell you you’ll be glad we met in three hours. I may not know why you’re here yet, but I’m gonna make it my mission to find out and give you exactly what you need before you leave here tonight.” He paused, releasing her slightly. “Take a deep breath.” When she didn’t comply he barked. “Now.”

Her body obeyed, gasping for precious air as he continued on.

“That’s it. I feel you squirming against me. You’ve got an itch that needs scratched, don’t you? Well, I’m your man. Just so you know, if you leave now, you’ll be walking away from the best sex of your life.”

Khloe fought to think. Fear warred with curiosity, turning her into a jumbled mess. Who was this guy? So conceited. So sure of himself. So strong. He smelled amazing and his hard appendage grinding against her promised a one-way ride to heaven.

His hand against her stomach moved higher, molding against her right breast, massaging her. He squeezed so hard pain shot through her body, making her feel more alive than she’d possibly ever felt.

“Be brave.” He finally closed the deal with his promise. “Let me take care of you tonight, baby.”

No one was more surprised than her when he suddenly released her. She gasped for another breath, keeping her eye on the door in the distance.

She could leave. She’d never have to see anyone in this room ever again, including Chase Cartwright. She could chalk the whole night up to a failed experiment and drag herself back to New York and lick her wounds there until she had to leave for L.A. on Sunday.

A tanned hand came into view. He was offering the chance to choose him. To choose adventure. To pursue the nebulous desire draining her daily as she chased after something she couldn’t name.

She didn’t remember making the decision. All she knew was her hand reached for his, locking them together just before he gently pulled her back into motion, this time back towards the stage where the roulette wheel would decide how they would spend the next three hours.





#MasturbationMonday – A Severed Penis, anyone? #BDSM

Masturbation Monday

Hello and welcome to MOAN DAY! Today we’re moaning but for all the wrong reasons 🙂 I’ll make it up to you next week…


The Velvet Chair

“Yes, I quite fancy a blow job as it happens.” His tongue licked at my ear lobe and I shuddered.

“Well, I fancy biting your cock off and spitting it out of the window of a speeding car. Let’s see who wins, huh?” There was a pause as he considered that information.

“I’ve never pictured you as a Lorena Bobbit. Hmm, I’m not sure you could deal with all the bad press that would inevitably provide.”

“I’m not sure you could deal with a severed penis,” I bit back. “Want to test the theory?” I stood up on tiptoes and kissed him square on the lips as we stood on the steps outside St Paul’s. The camera’s lapped it up and even the sun, a rarity in England, stayed a firm presence above our head, blessing our union with its blinding winter rays. Christ, even the weather was traitorous.


That’s all for today, folks. Head on over to Masturbation Monday for MORE NAUGHTINESS!