#MidWeekTease – I’ve Invited A Few Guests Around #BDSM #Femdom


Hello Teasers! Yes, I’m back with The Velvet Caress, and yes, things are starting to get quite naughty… finally 😉


The Velvet Caress

“Did I mention I’d invited a few guests around this evening?”

I instantly became a ball of tension once again, and the third bead made me gasp out loud. Fuck. This was not something I had bargained on.

“How on earth did you round up the coven on such short notice?” The witches usually required at least a week’s warning to attend any engagement and generally much more. I’d given Sophia less than twelve hours notice. Having an audience should have been a near impossibility, but somehow she’d pulled it off.

“All I had to do was mention you’d be at their beck and call for the evening. I was amazed at how many of them dropped what they were doing instantly in order to see you.”

Yeah, I just bet you were. When the fourth bead went in I growled long and hard.

“Did you not think to mention that to me before our session started? The last thing I need is company right now. Call them off or I’ll safe-word.” I already knew it wouldn’t be that easy, though.

“You won’t.” The fifth and final bead was making my eyes water and I began rattling my hands in the stocks in protest.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t?”

“Because you won’t get a taste of the Cat you’ve been eyeing up on my table and I know that’s the only reason you’re here.” She sounded very sure of herself, as well she should be. The woman knew me too well. “They’re part of the deal darling, take it or leave it,” she purred.

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Keeping It Under Lock and Key – Your Guide to Using Handcuffs #BDSM #FiftyShades of Grey Style

Dominating beauty in handcuffs

Original Article by Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine

Your Guide To Using Handcuffs

Handcuffs are one of the easiest ways to restrain someone. They’re a great time-saver compared to nearly all other restraints and a lot less complicated than rope. There are no difficult knots to learn and they can be fastened and released in a matter of seconds.

There is something beautifully sexy about a partner who has their hands cuffed. They’ve suddenly surrendered all control and are utterly at your mercy. You can tease them for hours, or make them orgasm again and again until they beg for release. The possibilities, as they say, are endless.


1. Find yourself a willing partner. An unwilling partner will generally still result in handcuffs, but will be accompanied by an arrest warrant.

2. Introduce restraints slowly into your relationship. Start with silk scarves, progress to soft rope, and if your partner is still begging for more, then it’s time to bring out the real cuffs.

3. Novelty handcuffs are a lot less scary than the real thing. Whilst you don’t have to opt for pink fluffy cuffs, some sort of fur-covered handcuff is a good place to start. These won’t mark the skin and will ensure that all her moans remain pleasurable. Leather cuffs are also widely available and are much more comfortable than their metal partners.

4. When you progress to police-grade handcuffs, this is when things get serious. From an aesthetic point of view – they look gorgeous, but they can also do a lot of damage if used incorrectly.

Positions To Try

Arms Up

Use leather cuffs with an interconnecting chain of rope. This rope can then be threaded through the headboard of a bed or a stair bannister, for example. Remember to make sure it’s something sturdy and that the metal chain won’t damage it when it moves, because if you’re doing your job right, it’s going to be going up, down, and all over the place.

Behind The Back

Cuff your partner’s wrists behind their back to render them almost completely helpless. They’ll be unable to support their weight on their hands, and you’ll need to take extra special care of them in this position. It’s going to make them feel very vulnerable, so remember to reassure them at every opportunity.

Arms To Neck

For those who love BDSM, try a leather collar around your partner’s neck connected to fastening wrist restraints at the back. The slight pressure at the neck every time the restraints move will add a little extra naughtiness to your session.

The Full Monty – Also Known As Sensory Deprivation

Cuff your partner’s wrists to the headboard, their ankles to each bedpost, and add a blindfold for good measure. If you want to make it really fun, you could even add some headphones and music, so they won’t be able to hear when you approach. Want to be really naughty? Try a vibrating wand and watch them writhe with pleasure.

Read the FULL article HERE.

The company that pays you $36,000 / £28,000 A Year To Test Sex Toys #Sex #relationships


By Rachel Moss of the Huffington Post

A sex toy brand is looking for a new employee to try out its products – and get paid for it.

LoveWoo is currently advertising for the role of “sex toy reviewer”, who’ll be responsible for writing reviews on “sex toys, lingerie, games and much more”.

The successful applicant will be paid a rather respectable salary of £28,000 for their troubles and will get to work from home two days a week (for obvious reasons). The remaining three will be in a London-based office.

On top of that, the company has a policy of unlimited holiday, trusting its employees not to take the mick.
To be in with a chance of bagging the job, you’ll need to have “excellent written and verbal communication skills” and will probably have some examples of previously published work up your sleeve.

A knowledge of using website content management systems and a good sense of humour also won’t go amiss.


If you want to know more the entire article can be viewed HERE.

Christina’s Favourite Item Of Fetish Wear (So Far This Week…) #Fetishwear #BDSM


Aren’t they lovely? Some red latex gloves featured in the Velvet Caress chapter I was writing this week. Along with lots more latex. Yum.

Apologies but I can’t seem to find where this photo originated other than pinterest, but I am sure that latex gloves can’t be too hard to find on the internet. Hang on, I’ll have a quick search 😉

Extreme restraints has a pair in black: HERE.

I can’t seem to find the red ones, but I know someone will have them somewhere…

#SatSpanks – Naked and Kneeling #BDSM

Saturday Spankings

Hello Spankos and welcome to another week of spankingly good naughtiness. Sparks will shortly find itself with a release date in the next two three or weeks, so stayed tuned. For now… here’s a little taster…



My legs had long since gone numb underneath me. Goosebumps covered me from head to toe, and my naked body protested vehemently against the cold. I ignored it. I also ignored my stomach, which had begun rumbling in earnest. Typical. I’d barely eaten a thing all week, and now, when I couldn’t, I was hungry. Figured. On the plus side, I was no longer worried about anyone seeing me naked. If anyone wanted to come and rescue me from this ridiculous predicament – there were more than welcome to get an eyeful. It was never going to be that easy, though. This would be a test of endurance, mind over matter, and my ability to battle exhaustion. It was the last one that would get me. How long would it be before I succumbed to sleep? Would that count against me? There were so many variables and so much was unknown.

Gently shaking my knees out from underneath me, I squirmed a little, to try and get some circulation going, whilst imagining someone had cocooned me in a large, warm blanket. What I wouldn’t give for a sleeping bag right now…


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#MidWeekTease – Are You Going To Be A Good Boy For Me? #BDSM #FemDom


Hello Teasers! It’s that time of the week where I share another little snippet from my WIP ‘The Velvet Caress,’ and Mark’s about to have a hard time of things. Don’t all cry at once 😉


The Velvet Caress

The door opened quietly and in my sights there could have been the body of a twenty year old. All of Sophia’s slim curves were cloaked tightly in red and black latex and she looked fucking fantastic. She sported thigh-high black boots, red latex suspenders, a waist-cinching black corset with red trim, black panties, and red latex gloves that reached past her elbow. I wanted to lick her boots. I suspected I would be, shortly, too.

Getting to my knees, I placed my hands behind my back and bowed my head to my chest. As I was about to return to my original position, I found a crop stuck underneath my chin that prevented me from doing so.

“It’s good to see you remember a few of my instructions,” she said softly.

I resisted the urge to smile or reply. Either would get me whipped. Wait a minute, wasn’t that why I was here?

“Does this mean you’re going to be a good boy for me today?” she purred. The crop stroked a firm line up my neck before it buried itself in my cheek. I think it was fair to say that it ticked me off a little.

“I fucking doubt it,” I replied.


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Wax Play – It’s HOT! #BDSM #Edgeplay

sexy butt girls in underwear

Original Article by Christina Mandara writing for Marquis Magazine

It’s HOT!

So what exactly is wax play? Well, it’s where you tie your partner down (she doesn’t have to be tied down – but it’s more fun that way) and drip hot wax all over her body. It’s an exciting form of BDSM edge play, because the submissive never knows where the next drop is heading, and if you add a blindfold into the mix, it becomes even more delicious. Those hot little drops of wax can have a lot of fun dribbling over a naked body.

Before you run out to the local store and buy yourself enough candles to start a small séance, you might want to take a few things into account. For starters, you can’t use any old candles. Beeswax candles burn at a higher temperature than specially designed wax play candles, and a spell in the A&E department is no one’s idea of a fun afternoon. Always test the wax on your wrist or the back of your hand first, and if you don’t run around the house screaming and crying in pain, then it’s probably safe to use. In case your submissive doesn’t agree, always maintain communication throughout your wax play session. This means no gags. Sigh. You need to be able to hear her safe word, just in case things go wrong.

Another point to remember is that dripping wax on body hair will prove difficult when it comes to removing said wax. It’ll be a bit like ripping plaster off, but worse. The good news is that you can shave all problematic body hair off together, and won’t that be fun? It’s also good practice to have a shower beforehand, because any products like hairspray and body spray contain alcohol, and playing with a naked flame near alcohol is… bad.

So you’ve got your candles and you’ve tied her down – now what?

Unless you want to permanently ruin your bed sheets, you’ll want to put a plastic sheet under your partner. Then scour the area for anything that might potentially catch fire, and remove it. Now that the safety side of things is taken care of, you’re ready to begin.

Start by relaxing her with a slow, sensual massage, and blot any excess oil away before you begin. When you’re satisfied that she’s moaning and groaning in heat, then that is your cue to light the candle. Remember to test the wax on the back of your hand first to make sure it’s not too hot. When you’ve done that, hold the candle approximately eighteen inches above her back and start slowly, drop by drop. The height at which the candle is held will affect the intensity of the heat. The higher up you hold the candle, the cooler the wax will feel when it lands. Test different heights upon your own arm to get an idea of the effect.

View the full article HERE.

The Orgasm Gap – Are Women REALLY More Difficult To Please Than Men? #sex #relationships

Close up women's slender legs in high heels. Isolated white background.

By Nicki Lisa Cole, Ph.D. writing for thoughtco.com.

Gender disparities abound in our society. The gender pay gap, for starters, shows that the labor of men is valued more than that of women. Women hold less than 20 percent of congressional seats in the U.S., which makes for a great disparity in political representation. Women are considerably underrepresented as writers and directors of film and television, and as artists in our nation’s museums. They are also more likely than men to live in poverty.

There’s another gender gap, ideologically connected to these, which at first glance, may strike readers as a sexy gender gap. However, it is deeply un-sexy. I’m talking about the orgasm gap.

The orgasm gap is a rigorously documented disparity in the rates at which men and women achieve orgasm during sexual encounters together. A nationwide survey of sexual practices found that women report only 1 orgasm for every 3 reported by a man.

Some argue that this gap exists because women take a long time to achieve orgasm, or because it is difficult to produce an orgasm in a woman. Others suggest that women don’t orgasm as frequently because we don’t “need” to in the way that men do, or that women are naturally more giving as sexual partners. Some might suggest that women are not interested in sexual climax, but rather with the cuddling that sometimes follows it.

But, lesbians are here to prove all of that wrong.

The survey of sexual practices cited above found that women who have sex with women achieve orgasm far more frequently than do women who have sex with men. This study also found that women easily and regularly achieve orgasm through masturbation—even those who suffer the orgasm gap with men. And, way back in 1953, the Kinsey study found that both men and women take about 4 minutes on average to achieve orgasm through masturbation.

So, we’ve disproved the notions that women take a long time to climax, that it is difficult for women to climax, and that they are not interested in achieving orgasm, nor do they need to (see masturbation and lesbians). But what about the idea that women are naturally more giving sexual partners? Is there something to that?

In fact, there is. But, it’s not natural. It is social.

Women are often viewed as good listeners and care-givers because we are socialized by our families, our teachers, our coaches, our churches, popular culture, and our employers to be such. Of course, this is not a universal for women, but it is a trend. Men, in contrast, are socialized to be powerful, to take action, to win, and to be right. This means that women are overwhelmingly socialized to be empathetic in their relations with others, while men are not. From a socialization and social interaction standpoint, then, it makes sense that when a woman loves a woman, she loves her better than a man.

But, then there’s the other side of the coin: the overwhelmingly selfish and self-interested nature of heterosexual masculinity.

I know. Those are sharp words. But consider the following. In her groundbreaking study of the development of sexuality and gender identity among high school students, sociologist C.J.

Pascoe found that boys peg ideal masculinity to their ability to physically and sexually dominate girls. The way that boys talk about girls in high schools positions girls as objects to be won, and positions themselves as powerful actors who are only “real men” when they get what they want.

Sociologist Lisa Wade explains that in heterosexual encounters this amounts to women inspiring desire, and men experiencing desire. Men want women, women are wanted. Given this one-sided framing of desire, it is no surprise that women’s desire (and pleasure!) often goes unaddressed. Wade also points out that the primacy of men’s desire eclipses many sexual acts, besides intercourse, that give pleasure to women and produce orgasm. She writes, “This is part of why intercourse – a sexual act that is strongly correlated with orgasm for men – is the only act that almost everyone agrees counts as ‘real sex,’ whereas activities that are more likely to produce orgasm in women are considered optional foreplay.”

Read the full article HERE.